Out of Our Minds w/host J. P. Dancing Bear

If you live in the South Bay (San Jose area), you can always listen to J. P. Dancing Bear on public radio station KKUP 91.5 FM, Cupertino. Wednesday nights from 8 to 9pm Pacific Time, J. P. Dancing Bear hosts "Out of Our Minds," a weekly hour-long show dedicated to poetry. If you get a chance, listen to the archived show at KKUP website of the Diane Thiel interview in Real Audio.

If you'd like to know who's coming next, updates and announcements for the show, please drop me a line to be on the mailing list.


Guests and upcoming guests of the show include: C.K. Williams, Arthur Sze, Sandra M. Gilbert, R. T. Smith, Carol Muske-Dukes, Dorriane Laux, Ralph Angel, Bob Hicok, Jane Hirshfield, Joy Harjo, Kim Addonizio, Diane Thiel, Kimberly Johnson, David Daniel, Jim Powell, Stuart Dischell, Jane Mead, Peter Streckfus, Jenny Factor, Robert Thomas, Maude Meehan, Ravi Shankar, Gail Wronsky, Cecilia Woloch, Sholeh Wolpe, Richard Beban, Eleni Sikelianos, Adrienne Torf, Emily Rosko, Frank Gaspar, Kathleen Lynch, Lynne Knight, Richard Silberg, Robert Funge, Jack Foley, Margery Snyder, C. Dale Young, Matthew Zapruder, Peter Richards, Annie Finch, Jennifer Michael Hecht, John Brehm, Lola Haskins, C. J. Sage, Robert Pesich, Randall Mann, Morton Marcus, Genine Lentine, Stefanie Marlis, Ilya Kaminsky, Molly Fisk, Steve Kowit, Mark Yakich, Priscilla Lee, Chana Block, Phyllis Koestenbaum, Tina Chang, Dan Bellm, Michael Rothenberg, Jeffrey L. Bahr, Hannah Stein, Mary Cornish, Ellen Bass, Paul Willis, Alexandra Teague, Joyce Jenkins, Sarah Busse, Debra Bruce, Judith Goldhaber, Jane Mead, Sally Ashton, Carolyn Miller, Dianne Middlebrook, Angela Ball, Maxine Hong Kingston, Jamie Iredell, Mike Young, Melissa Stein, Sidney Wade, Evie Shockley, Amy Holman, Alan Shapiro, Pascale Petit, Rebecca Foust, Nic Sebastian, John Walsh, Chad Sweeney, Cynthia Arrieu-King, Claire Becker, Lily Brown, Bill Brown, Julie Sheehan, Kazim Ali, Molly Gaudry, Lightsey Darst, Stephen Murray, Dana Levin, Cecily Parks, Jake Adam York, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Alta Ifland, Jessie Lendinnie, Campbell McGrath, Kevin Simmonds, Brian Barker, Reb Livingston, Camille T. Dungy, Alta Ifland, Dorine Jeanette, Steven Kessler, Derek Mong, Dean Rader, Tess Taylor, Andrew Demcak, Ingrid Wendt.

To listen to Out of Our Minds podcasts, search in the podcast section of your iTunes for "J. P. Dancing Bear" or "Out of Our Minds".  You can also listen and download shows by clicking HERE.


People ask me all the time about the music for the show.... Here is some of the music that's been featured as "bumpers" (leads in or out) for Out of Our Minds:

Artist: Coast Jumper - album: Grand Opening
Artist: Marie O Hara and Mariel McCormack - album: Botched Fairtail
Artist: Eva & Manu - album: Still Traveling
Artist: Jumy - album: Every Day is the First Day
Artist: Thao & Mirah - album: Thao & Mirah
Artist: Sufjan Stevens - album: Age of Adz
Artist: William Nein - album: Homeless
Artist: The Dead Weather - album: Sea of Cowards
Artist: TV on the Radio - album: Nine Types of Light
Artist: Il Abanico - EP: Crossing Colors
Artist: Charles Bradley - album: No Time For Dreaming
Artist: Fleet Foxes - album: Helplessness Blues
Artist: Frontregen - album: Frontregen
Artist: Sarah Fimm - album: Near Infinite Possibility
Artist: Laura Stevenson and the Cans - album: A Record
Artist: The Record Winter - album: The Record Winter
Artist: Chantilly - album: Caught Light
Artist: McKenzie Toma - album: McKenzie Toma
Artist: The XX - album: XX
Artist: The Kills - album: Blood Pressures
Artist: Gil Scott-Heron - album: Reflections
Artist: Miles Davis - album: In Person Friday and Saturday Nights at the Blackhawk, Complete
Artist: Beach House - album: Teen Dream
Artist: Azure Ray - album: Drawing Down the Moon
Artist: The Dresden Dolls - album: The Dresden Dolls
Artist: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - album: Fruit
Artist: Camper Van Beethoven - album: Tusk
Artist: David Lowery - album: The Palace Guard
Artist: Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - album: I Learned the Hard Way
Artist: Noah and the Whale - album: Last Night On Earth
Artist: Jimi Hendrix - album: Valleys of Neptune