Poems by J. P. Dancing Bear

"Debris of an Automobile Giving Birth to a Blind Horse Biting a Telephone" in Verse Daily

Three poems
in Phren-Z
Five poems in Blip Magazine
Two poems in diode
Three poems in MiPOesias
Personal in The Coachella Review
Two Poems in Burning Bush 2
Not Persephone in Saturday Evening Poetry Series
By A Monkey On A Unicycle in 99 Poems for the 99 Percent
Vessels in temenos
"The Granddaddy of All Fish Out of Water" in temenos
Three poems in ucity review
"Calcium's Slender Embrace" (part of the Telephone Project #2 in At Length
Two poems in iO Poetry
Three translations of Blanca Castellón's poems in Numéro Cinq
"Gacela of Autumn Leaves" in Vintage: Autumn Anthology (audio only)
Three poems in Milk Sugar
Five poems in Sea Stories
"Frogpond" in Clade Song
"Some Are So Close" in Clade Song
"Love as Pianist and Cypress" in Scythe
Five poems in The Scapegoat Review
"Still Life with Suicide Bomber" #s 1, 2, & 4 in Toad
"Charon Returning" in The Midwest Coast Review
Five poems in Radioactive Moat
"The Turning" in ForPoetry
"The Symbiotic Sunken City" in The Nickel City Review
"Light Confusion" in The Nickel City Review
"Living in Italics at the Moment" (with audio)  in Soundzine
"Aimless Day" in Praxilla
"Cypress"in Praxilla
"Chambers of In and Out"in Praxilla
"The Ghosts of Love Poems"in Praxilla
"Dispossessed"in Praxilla
"David and the Glass City" in Future Cycle
"Election Season" in Future Cycle
"Gacela of Ariel" in Quantum Poetry Review
"Inner Voyeur and Moon" in Atticus Review
"The Countess" in Compass Rose
"Nocturne" in Forge
"Pueblo" in Forge
in Forge
in Forge
in Forge
"Natural Enemies"
in Verse Daily
Gacela of Twilight Bats
in Verse Daily
Five poems
in Peony Moon
Three poems
in diode
"Quadruple Life"
in No Tell Motel
"Your Robot Girl"
in No Tell Motel
"Waltz on Black Velvet"
in No Tell Motel
"Pacific Horizon"
in No Tell Motel
"To Live in the Hair of Sargasso Sea"
in No Tell Motel
"Dew You"
in Gulf Stream
"Magpie in My Own Image"
in Memorious
"A Bed And Two Night Tables Attack Ferociously And Violently"
in Ante Review
"Prospero, King of the City" and three audio files
from Inner Cities of Gulls
Fourteen poems
w/ interview in Pirene's Fountain
"Love is a Burning Building" and "Hinged" in DIAGRAM
New Age
in Linebreak
Five Poems
in Turntable & Blue Light
The Horse City
in Arch Journal
"Not Persephone" and "Island"
in the Medulla Review
Red Defines
in Referential Magazine
Five poems in Night Train
Persephone at the Farmer's Market in Verse Daily
Departing Phoenix
in Verse Daily
The Lonelier Moon
in Verse Daily
Dias de los Muertos
from Inner Cities of Gulls
Four poems
from What Language
in Snow Monkey
Gacela of a Wedding Day
in Eclectica
Her Constellations
from What Language
What Language
from What Language
Gacela of Animal Wisdom
in Verse Daily
Iago, the Poet
in Verse Daily
West Nile
in Verse Daily
Gacela of Animal Wisdom
in Verse Daily
Pack Your Trash
in Terrain
Poem Starting with a Line by Jason Bredle
in Verse Daily
Offshore Drilling
in Cerise Press
The Lost Boy
in Cerise Press
Victory — Woman Metamorphosing into a Boat with Angels
in Cerise Press
Five Poems
in diode
Debris of an Automobile Giving Birth to a Blind Horse Biting a Telephone
Three Poems
Dark Pharmacy
in No Tell Motel
in No Tell Motel
Hammer Myths
in No Tell Motel
in No Tell Motel
Everyone has a Rime of the Ancient Mariner in Them
in No Tell Motel
"A Brief Informal History"
in Verse Daily
"Legitimacy Is So Chummy"
in Verse Daily