Dream Horse Press

Situational Reality

by Michael McNeilley

It was recently ruled deceptive
to make an eraser in the shape
of a heart.

from "How Erasers are Made"
copyright 1998 Michael McNeilley

ISBN #9-9659307-0-X
80 pages, perfect bound. $10.95 + s/h

Artwork by Larry Oberc

"I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I consider Michael McNeilley to be the finest American male poet to come out of the Northwest in the last 25 years. He is a poet's poet, a man's poet . . . I consider him essential reading for any and every poet."
                                                                        -Donald Rawley

"Michael McNeilley writes poetry like a whisper in your ear at a party, saving you the bother of wasting time on a boring guest, so you can focus on what really matters."
                                                                       -Dennis Gaughan

"What I like about Michael McNeilley's Situational Reality is the way the poems move from clear, direct narratives to a more mysterious, dream-like surprise. . . A fascinating collection--nothing sugar-coated or phony. . . McNeilley's poems feel true."
                                                                       -Lyn Lifshin



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