Granite State Cribbers
ACC Grass Roots club #314

Greetings fellow cribbage enthusiasts and welcome to the homepage of the Granite State Cribbers. Our club is an officially sanctioned Grass Roots club of the American Cribbage Congress (ACC) founded by our leaders and gracious hosts Daniel and Sheila Crete in 2004. Meets are held on most Wednesday evenings in Hudson, New Hampshire for nine games of cribbage.

Club members: If you have any suggestions for the webpage, place well in a tournament or have other noteworthy tidbits, please contact me at or see me on Wednesdays - just bear in mind I'm an amateur webmaster :-)

Happy Pegging!
Jim Hatch

Due to lack of time I will no longer be providing weekly summaries. I have been keeping this site updated since the 2004-2005 season but cannot do so for the foreseeable future. If you need to check your statistics you may do so through the ACC Grass Roots link provided below or simply wait until Wednesdays. I will still be keeping this site active for club information and records.

This year's charitable contribution will be to
the Humane Society of Greater Nashua
in honor of our club mascot Damonbear.

Club Milestones
Club Champions Grand Slams
29 Hands 28 hands

Schedule for GR 2011-12 season
(start time is 6:30 PM)

Every Wednesday through May starting September 7

Side pools
1) Skunk cup: 50 cents per skunk
Collect the contents of the skunk can by...
...scoring a 28 hand - you get half!
...scoring a 29 hand - you get it all!

2) 24 hand pool
If you get a 24 hand, you win $1.
The last person to get a 24 hand gets the rest of the pool!
(NOTE: 24 hand must be counted)

3) special hand pool
Every week a special cribbage hand will be posted.
The first person to get that hand claims the entire pool!
If nobody claims it, it will carry over until someone wins!

Other site links

2005 GRRT pictures : Pictures from the 2005 GRRT

Other cribbage links
American Cribbage Congress: ACC's homepage
ACC GrassRoots: ACC's GR homepage (check your GR statistics here)
Halscrib: Hal Mueller's home to Halscrib cribbage software and other instruction

Contact Information
Club directors: Daniel and Sheila Crete
Webmaster wannabe: Jim Hatch

Last updated 10/1/2012