Hi folks,

As most of the material here was out of date, I've deleted it pending an update. For those of you concerned about my health, I'm much better now. But we all know that there's only one way off this rock, at least for most of us. Don't worry, I doubt my time for that is any time soon.

For those looking for demos, they are all still where they were. Refer to the posts or whatever that originally pointed you to them.

You may also try this custom Google Search:


For best results, don't give up if you don't find what you want at first. Try a different term or terms. For instance, using 'scroll' will get different results than 'scroller'.

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If you need to contact me because a demo of yours needs to be removed, you can do so via Dynamic Drive Forums where membership and participation are free. I am known there as jscheuer1. Or you can email me at:

jscheuer1 @ the domain of this site (comcast.net). (Or, if you have an email client, With This Link.)


      - J