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1969 PONTIAC Ram Air V

The only 19,000 mile unrestored one of a kind prototype GTO, designed, built, and by Milt Schornack.
    Originally this hardtop coupe was equipped with a 400 Ram Air IV. In 1970, after the highperformance end of Royal Pontiac was sold, Milt ran his own business called Royal Automotive. He was under contract to help Pontiac in their drag racing efforts.  One of the assignments was to test and tune the Ram Air V for NHRA drag racing.  He was out to prove that you could make a couple of modifications to a stock vehicle, produce it down the assembly line, and have a car that anyone could purchase and beat up on those Mopars and Fords.   Since complete vehicles were in short supply at engineering, he  borrowed a GTO from one of his friends. It was fitted it with a tunnel port engine and modified it strickly for drag racing in hopes of capturing a national title. This car in street trim turned in the 12's with closed exhaust and street tires.  Sadly, it was not to long afterwards that Pontiac dropped all funding and development for the Ram Air V Tunnel Port engine.  The muscle car era was quickly coming to a close.  This car hung around on Woodward for a while.  Match racing was still fun on Woodward and this GTO was seen on a many nights cruisin around looking for a fight.  After a faulty wrist pin caused a complere teardown, the owner at the time lost interest and it gathered dust for more than 30 years in a garage in Plymouth Michigan. 
    In 2001 Schornack Racing was founded and one of our the first things we did was to purchase this car.  We knew the significance of the Ram Air V to Pontiac history and wanted to get our hands on it to show and restore.  The parts were still in the trunk and were undisturbed until we picked it up!  Ram Air V intake, Ram Air V headers, oil pump, camshaft, etc....Since its purchase we have put about 1300 miles on it.  The cars body and frame is a unrestored original from the factory.  The engine has been restored to bring it back to the street.  The debate to have a complete body off restoration continues.

Engine - Completely rebuilt Schornack Racing super tuned 428 +.060 Pontiac with tunnel port heads and intake.  It has aprox. 455 HP. This engine is complete with a Holley 850 CFM 4 barrel, roller lifters, solid roller cam,  10.38 to 1 compression, Eagle rods, K&B pistons, new 2.5 inch exhaust system, complete with x pipe and headers.  

Interior - This interior is in mint condition.  It is free of all rips and tears. Radio, gauges, clock, wipers, lights, turn signals, wipers, and hood tach, are all functioning properly and in great condition. The fire extinguisher was installed per NHRA rules. A Hurst dual gate aftermarket shifter with console was also installed.

Body  -   The original exhaust was recently removed.  All nuts and bolts came off by hand. No heat or extreme pressure was needed to change it.  The floor pans and front of dash show only surface rust and dust in those hard to reach places. Many people have commented on its fantastic condition.  The debate to do a complete body off continues.  Please cast your vote and comments on the home page.  Look for the blue window at the bottom. All original panels except for the passengers quarter and rear bumper. These were replaced in 1970 because of a fender bender accident while Milt was doing some R&D one night on one of the local streets. The paint is in great condition.  It does have scratches and cracks from 30 years in a garage but it still shines nicely. The doors and trunk close with little effort.  The glass is in fantastic shape. 

Powertrain - Turbo 400 automatic trans. 2000 stall converter, 1960's era Hustler wheels, front tires 215 75 r14, rear tires 225 60 r15, 4:11 rear end, and positraction.

Design Center patio Employee car show 2004
Woodward Tigers car show 2001
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GTO Woodward Tigers car show 2001


Assembly picture 2001
Assembly picture 2001