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   Jan 10th 2010
covention upper

The winter projects are getting more attention as the summer car season draws to a close. 
I would like to thank everyone for all there support this 09 season! 
I look forward to updating the web page with this seasons past pictures and information.

Fall is in the air here in Michigan the first week of September.  The nights are real nice for sleeping and Frankenmuth car show is on the horizon. I will be building the site more now that I have pictures and new information about the ultimate bobcat.  Stop by and see Milt at the Frankenmuth show if you are there!

covention 09

2009 Pontiac Co-vention


Pics of the resto being populated

First Ultimate
The resolution is not that good but it is a start.
Chris I am counting on you for some good pictures!  I need them in digital form. Get butsy!I am anxious to get this site updated with all the information on your car!

April 19th 2009
After tweaking the suspension and changing the rear tires over the long hard Michigan winter,
Saturday we broke the transmission on the 70 GTO on the first run.
Fried the front clutch pack. Got it rebuilt and back in ready to go!
Anxious to get it out and see if we found our top end!

March 15th, 2009
Milt is pleased to announce a new GTO. 
The Ultimate Bobcat GTO.
 Imagine a classic GTO with all the comforts and reliability of new.
 Aluminum heads, fuel injection, air conditioning, 16 inch wheels, 4 wheel disc brakes,
 perfect for driving to work on those nice summer days or making some 12 second runs down the 1/4 mile.
The prototype is being transformed right now with the help of Motor City Muscle.
Completion date for this first car will be, summer 2009.
After the prototype is complete Milt will be touring with it to shows
 and will be taking orders for new cars to transform. 
This signature addition would be perfect for any make GTO. 
If you own a GTO that you are interested in converting, or just want more information stay tuned,
Read the press release for the new GTO under the Ultimate Bobcat GTO link.

Dec 28th, 2008
Just updated the 2009 schedule.
The 70 GTO, the Ram Air V, and the 66 will be out and about for the 09 season.

Nov. 30th, 2008
Found a you tube video of Walt testing with the 70 car.  If anyone knows who sent it in please let me know.  I would like to see if they have more video or pictures. I definitely would like to post as much as possible online here. I am also going to add a new video link hit me with your links so that I can post them.

70 GTO video

Nov. 15th 2008
 The 66 Royal race car 1:24 die cast models are in. 
The detail is second to none. Makes a great gift to that Pontiac Enthusiast.
Check out some of the reviews from proud owners of  the die cast model.
Jim, I received my car and I love it.  The detail is unmatched by any others I have and I have a collection of over 1,000 cars (99% Pontiacs) of all size and price range.  I have a couple dozen very special limited editions in a mirrored and lighted display case...that the 66 Royal race car proudly "fits in" like family.  The personalization on the box, decklid, certificate, and note from Milt displayed along side the car and Milt's book lets the "uniformed" Chevy guys quickly understand the significant race history behind the car.  I will enjoy it for years to come. 
Thanks again and thank Milt also.  Jerry

Another writes,
Jim ,I just received my GTO and book and I'm quite satisfied with both! Nice quality and detail on the car (especially for that price). Thanks for the great service and please keep me on your email list.
Thanks again, Tom

Each car comes with a certificate of authenticity.
Milt will sign each item if you would like.
Please include your specifications for signing. 
Most have the box signed  To John Doe. 
Then they have Milt sign the certificate, and the decklid on the car.
Contact Jim Schornack  for a pay pal invoice or open this link in a new window to print off a order form.
Please indicate how you want your items signed.

Snail mail details:
$51.95 each $11.95 shipping and handling.
  Pay Pal add $2.16 pay pal fees.

MI residents add 6% tax.

frt driver

rear quarter

Spent the last month or so dialin in the 70 locally.  I am happy to say we now have 10.49 @ 129 mph.
We have spent the last month experimenting with the torque converter, rear sway bar, adjusting the air bags and fattening up the carb.  The next thing we are going to try is a set of new tires.  If the weather cooperates up here we should be able to get another month of testing in.

More pictures added to the server of the 2008 season

Pictures 2008 Schornack Racing


More passes @ Bryon Dragway

Bryon dragway

Milts first pass in over 30 years

Just dialin it in and workin off some rust.  10.80 @125
Going to Norwalk this weekend to give the car another run.

Engine specs
467 cu in Pontiac V-8 Built by Motor City Muscle
731 HP at 5800 rpm
698 ft lbs of torque at 5800 rpm
850 cfm single Quadrajet Carb
Kauffman High Port Aluminum heads
Victor Intake
Estimated Weight 3500 lbs
Best run to date 10-1-08  10.49 @ 129 mph

More Ram Air V news

Special thanks to Walt and Linda Hollyfield, as well as Paul Zazarine. 
They are responsible for the Ram Air V to be in the latest Pontiac Enthusiast magazine. 


1970 Royal Automotive Judge
First Pass 11.70 @ 119mph
Second Pass 11.16 @ 124mph

Third Pass 11.03 @ 123mph

Still working the bugsout but we are pretty happy at the early results. 
We would like to thank all of our sponsors and supporters for all their help.  
Without you all this would not have been possible.
Sponsors like
Performance Years Countless internal and external parts
Fast Automotive  Supreme body work and paint
Legendary Auto interiors  Quality Interior work
Motor City Muscle  Big Horsepower
Cliff Ruggles Awesome Carb rework
Just to name a few.

Next run will be in Saratoga Springs New York @ the GTO National Convention.


walt under hood

May 5th 2008
Going to the dyno next week.  Interior getting started.
Just added the complete set of  pictures to the webshot page.
Click on the 70 link below.

Pictures 70 GTO Royal Automotive

   WIth this link I get more storage for more pictures. 
I am going to start updating the entire site to this format to save myself a ton work.

Going to the dyno next week with the engine.  Interior getting started.
E-mail us with any questions or concerns related to Milt.  jschornack1@comcast.net

Reservations for the 08 season are filling up. Hurry to reserve Milt to visit your Pontiac event.
Going to the dyno next week with the engine.  Interior getting started.

Lately, we have had many people inquire about where to find Pontiac cars and parts.  If you are looking for a Pontiac part or have some parts to sell, drop us a line  via e-mail. 
We are always looking for classic Pontiacs to buy.
We also have a bunch of connections in the Pontiac family that deal in hard to find parts.

Milt also has sold the 74 SD Trans Am. 
Thanks TA Troy!  I know that you will bring her back up to perfect condition.
The body is in real bad shape but the engine is numbers matching.
The plan was to restore and re-manufacture the engine but time constraints are making it impossible.

Update on the 70 Royal Automotive GTO Judge Race car. 
FAST automotive in Batesville Indiana is doing a fantastic job.  We plan on running this car down the 1/4 mile.   It just had a roll bar installed.   Motor City Muscle has been working on many combinations of Ram Air IV cylinder heads.  The final product is not going to have Edelbrock aluminum heads or Holley carbs.  We plan on using the Ram Air IV heads and doing some crazy porting.  The engine will be carbed by a extremely modified Q-Jet for ultimate performance.  The dyno will be waiting and we will get you the numbers on this one as soon as they become available!  021507

With the car show season coming to a close I would like to take this opportunity to thank some people for their contributions to my latest restoration, the 66 Royal Race Car.  Perhaps some of you have followed its progress here the past year.  This GTO turned out better than I could have ever expected.  
First, and foremost  thanks goes out to Steve Wittiker of  Lake  Area Collision.   It was his idea and vision that made this car possible.  Everywhere I go with this car I could not feel more proud of  the job Steve and his crew did!   The compliments that I receive  wherever I go do not stop coming!  This car really stands out at  any show.  My answer to all the praise is and always will be  directed towards Steve and his crew at Lake Area Collision.  Steve you are the best, thank you.
Next I would like to sincerely thank Performance Years restoration parts and "PYPES" the company who specializes in exhaust systems for several brands of cars.  All of the part fit with ease and were made of high quality.  Contact Chris or Mike 1-800-542-PART for any of your restoration of exhaust needs.
I would also like to thank Mike Henderson at Motor City Muscle for the assembly of the engine.  They really came through with exactly what I wanted on this replica engine build.  This engine is putting out nearly 500 HP!  The guys at Motor City followed the modifications that I wanted to a tee.  For example the flow on a normal set of 093 heads is about 195 CFM's.  These modified heads are flowing about 25-30% better than stock. 
No classic restoration would be complete without a classic interior.  I would like to thank Legendary Auto Interiors  for this magnificent job on the interior.  It looks just like new.
My thanks would not be complete with out a giant thank you to Walt Holifield.  Walt, your support, friendship and contributions are greatly appreciated! 
Many others need to be mentioned here are a few, Mike Kester for his great paint job, Gary Peters, Phil Whittiker, Dave Matthew's, and last but not least Bill Merrick.

The original intention of this car was to make a few exhibition runs at some meets through the year.  After witnessing the time and effort that was put in by so many the thought to run it down the track and risk any sort of damage.

I have already started working on my next project from he past, my 1970 GTO Judge race car.  You might remember that I ran this car in F/Stock Automatic.  With any luck we will have it done for Pontiac's in the Park next year. It will be powered by a Ram Air IV.  I would like to see a combination that can run in the mid 10's.  Check back for its progress.

Do not miss January's edition of Hemmings Magazine.  The 66 race car will be featured.

Books are now available!
Do you want your signed copy of Milt's book?
Order yours today!


Snail Mail Ordering now available

Only $29.95 + 6.00 shipping and handling.
Send check or money order to
Milt Schornack

Click on link above for printable order form.
Please allow 3-4 weeks for ordering.

Because of current conditions we regret to inform everyone that Schornack Racing will no longer offer Pontiac services.  
Milt will continue to do appearances  with the 66 Royal Race car.
Schornack Racing.com will still exist online.
All people listed on our certifications page will remain as long as we continue this web site.
Check back often for any changes to Milt's schedule
We would like to thank everyone who supported our services over the last 4 years

Just updated, 66 Royal Race car pictures from St.Ignace Michigan.     6-25-05

We have added a couple of new pages to the links on the left. 
Click on 66 ROYAL Race Car and 67 GTO to check out some of our latest projects.
Remember, shipping is free on all orders to the lower 48 states for distributors throughout summer. 
Will we see you in St. Ignace?  Stop by if you are to check out progress of the rolling chassis of the 66 race car. 6-15-05

The book orders have begun!!  See McFarlin's web site at
We will have our own set of books here so that you can get your autographed copy.   6-1-05

Thanks for all the e-mail and support on listing and selling our Ram Air V.. 
Decal Ram Air V    fender.logo

GENERAL INFORMATION  The reason for the sale of this extremely rare car is because of Milt's desire to retire.  Milt is also involved with his latest project, a replica of the 66 Royal race car.  The reserve price will be kept confidential.   We do reserve the right to end the auction early for a local sale. We expect any serious bidder to contact us and make arrangements to view this car. This car is available anytime to any bidder for inspection.  Please call or write for an appointment. We will assist in delivery at the cost of the winning bidder.  We would like to add that we are also open to a partial trade with another classic GTO.
  • HISTORY  When Schornack Racing was founded in 2001, one of the first things we did was purchase this car. Since we have owned it we have put countless hours and care into it to bring it to its current condition.  We have logged about 1300 miles.  The mileage has been documented authentic by the previous owner who purchased this car from Jim Wangers.  This car originally had a  400 Ram Air IV.  In 1970 Milt worked for himself at Royal Automotive, just after Royal Pontiac was sold. Milt was under contract to help Pontiac Motor Division in the development and drag racing efforts with the new Ram Air V. Milt's job was to help to get this Ram Air V Pontiac classified properly in N.H.R.A. drag racing.  Since vehicles were in short supply at engineering he borrowed a GTO from one of his friends. Royal Automotive fitted this GTO with a Ram Air V tunnel port engine and modified it strictly for drag racing. This car was set up to convince Pontiac product planning to build a limited production.  The Ram Air V engine was factory rated at 380 HP.  N.H.R.A. would refractor this rating to 420 - 425 hp.   In 1970, this car had many modifications to make it more competitive, such as mounting the battery in the trunk for weight transfer,  installing larger front tires for better rollout on the starting line, a blueprinted solid lifter cam, rear axle changed from 3:90 to 4:11,  Hurst high performance shock absorbers, electric fuel pump, and the center console and power steering were removed to save weight.  We still possess the old shocks, and power steering pump. This car in street trim turned a best time of  12.66 at over 110 mph with closed exhaust and street tires. After Pontiac dropped all funding and development for the Ram Air V engine, Milt and his friend continued to street race the car independently.  In 1971 this car was put into storage after a faulty wrist pin walked out and scored one of the cylinder walls destroying the engine block . The car was  disassembled and the parts were left in the trunk until we purchased it in 2001.
  • BODY The body and frame is un-restored original from the factory. The paint is original espresso brown with the Royal Bobcat paint treatment in Hurst gold. (Hurst Gold is not a GM color, the car was painted Hurst gold for Royal Automotive) The doors, hood and deck lid close like they are new. They are free of rust.  Since 2001 Schornack Racing has showcased this Ram Air V around the country. Many people have commented on the excellent condition of the entire body.  The most popular question about the body has been about the type of restoration.  Some would like to see a complete body off reservation.  About 65% say it is best just the way it sits.  The debate to restore it continues. The link is on the bottom of the home page.  The car did suffer a fender bender after the engine was originally installed in 1970. Because of this the rear bumper and passenger quarter panel had to be replaced. Every other panel on the car is the original. The glass is in fantastic shape with only light scratches on the drivers side quarter window. 
  • INTERIOR  The interior is free of any rips or tears.  Not to repeat myself too often but it was stored for over 30 years inside a garage!  Therefore it did not receive any sun damage nor was it abused in any way.  The clock, fuel gauge, speedometer, tach, am radio, heater, fan motor, interior courtesy lights,cigarette lighter, and turn signal indicators all work great.
  • ENGINE    Pontiac 440 Cubic Inch power plant, (this engine bore, instead of the 400, is a direct result of testing by myself and the Royal race team at Hollywood Florida in 1969), Ram Air V heads and intake,   Holley carb,  Custom built headers with 2.5 inch exhaust and X pipe,   General Knetics special grind camshaft,  Comp cam roller tip rockers,  Turbo 400 transmission w/2000 stall. 
  • ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT  Aluminum Hustler 5 spoke custom wheels, Oil pressure and temp gauge, Hust dual gate shifter.
Performance Years
Gratiot Wheel
modern stripping 
       Milt Schornack of Royal Pontiac fame has created a web site for the classic Pontiac Enthusiast.
Our mission is to assist and promote Pontiac's and Pontiac owners.
This is the only place where you can get your Pontiac certified by Milt Schornack, all worked performed by us is registered here.
Just check the certification link on the left and look for that car you saw at the show. All the work that we have done is listed.

      This is the only web site for Technical advise from Milt himself. Go to the tech page, we would be glad to answer your questions. 
Sorry about the advertisements that keep coming up every time you go to the tech page.

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