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Hi, My name is James Connelly and I am a Retired Lieutenant from the Galloway Township Police Department located 10 miles west of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Here is some Galloway Twp. Links.

I'm married to Dorene who is an RN. I have a daughter Jennifer 24 and a son Jimmy who is 15. My son has Spina Bifida so stop by and visit my Spina Bifida Links page.

My son also plays Sled Hockey for the Vineland Sled Stars. Also check out the best ice arena I've ever been to; the Vineland Ice Arena..

That's me buried in paperwork.  I was a police officer for 20 years and was assigned to the Detective Bureau for 7 years. I was promoted to Sergeant in January 1997 and then promoted to Lieutenant March 8, 2001. I retired from a shoulder injury in May 2005.

Galloway Township is about 95 square miles with a population of about 34,000. With the growth of housing, both residential and project type apartments, the population is growing rapidly. 

Feel free to browse my site and keep coming back because I add links all the time. Also sign my guest book and if you are a police officer, ham radio enthusiasts or involved with spina bifida, drop me a line with your site url and I'll add you to my list of links.... thanx and have fun......Oh I am also a ham radio operator and my call is KB2RHN.  


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