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This page has Law Enforcement Links as well as other Police Officers Home pages....If you want to be added to the list e-mail me..


  1. State of New Jersey

  2. Cop Net

  3. Drug Information

  4. Det.Sgt. Tom Bolling's Home page..

  5. Dr.Cecil Greeks L.E.links

  6. Sgt.Hutchcraft's Home page..

  7. L.E. on the Web...

  8. Cops (TV)

  9. Police Pages

  10. Yossie's Handcuff Collection

  11. Partners Off Duty       

  12. Jeff Cove's Home Page

  13. Suffolk County SPCA 

  14. Bob Kelly's Home page    

  15. Atlantic County Sheriff's Office Online

  16. New Jersey Sheriff's Association

  17. Cop Talk

  18. Wizzers Redneck Cafe

  19. Question A Cop

  20. Bureau of Justice Statistics

  21. Nelson Andreu's Home Page 

  22. Sean 'Colonel' Sander's Home Page

  23. The Police Officer's Internet Directory

  24. CopMall 

  25. International Union of Police Associations

  26. Supreme Court Decisions 

  27. Top Cops

  28. Harlequin Intelligence Systems 

  29. Georges Police Patch Collecting Page 

  30. The Fraud Information Center    

  31. The International Association of Law Enforcement Analysts Home Page

  32. Kevin McEvoy's Home Page

  33. Dennis Lupton's Home Page

  34. Laguna Manufacturing Inc. (ProActive Police Products)

  35. Officer Martin Ganz Benefit Trust

  36. Community Policing Consortium

  37. CRISNet

  38. Survival Languages Senior Trooper Robert Dent

  39. Ninth Precinct

  40. Flash

  41. Roanoke County Police Dept.

  42. Chief Ron's Home Page, Washburn Illinois.

  43. Daniel's Home Page, Rognac France.

  44. Wildwood Police Dept., New Jersey.

  45. Hudson County Sheriff's Office

  46. Lt. Caruso's Home Page, Lodi NJ, PD.

  47. Law Enforcement Memorial Home Page

  48. Houston Police..White Officer's Association

  49. K-9 Offficer Michael Woods Tavares Florida PD.

  50. Mitretek Systems Criminal Justice Links

  51. Federal Law Enforcement Careers Page

  52. Careers in Goverment

  53. LWC Books, Law Enforcement, Martial Arts and Personal Safety

  54. Sgt. Walt Jankowski's Home Page, Palmyra PD

  55. Recons-R-US

  56. i2 Crime Analysis Software

  57. National Sheriffs Association

  58. Police Jobs

  59. Clark Leake Forsyth County Sheriff's Office N.C.

  60. John A. Williams New York City Police Dept.

  61. America's Most Wanted

  62. Dan's Cop Links Lebanon City PD,Pennsylvania

  63. Carl Smith's Police Pages

  64. Lt. Thomas L. Kujawa's Home Page

  65. Saddle Brook Police Department, New Jersey.

  66. Mexia Police Department

  67. National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

  68. Denny's World

  69. On Target

  70. Scott from Scottlands, Retired Cop's Home Page

  71. Law Enforcement Product News

  72. Central Coast Law Enforcement Links

  73. UNA Enterprises  Specialty Products

  74. Sgt. Joe DeStefano's Home Page, Suffolk, Va.

  75. Ladycop's Home Page, Palm Bay, Florida

  76. Etienne's Home Page, IPA Belgium

  77. COPS, Custom Oregon Product Supplies

  78. Sharlene's Home Page, Jackson, California.

  79. Sharlene's Law Enforcement Career Page

  80. John Walters Web Site, Coral Springs, Florida.

  81. Safety And Security Connection

  82. Spouses of Police Officers

  83. Wesley Norville's "Forensic Art World" Home page

  84. U.S. Law Enforcement Careers / Employment.

  85. "The Bar Hotel", Saline County Sheriff. Cpl. Jim Parker

  86. Sarge's Beat

  87. West Orange Police Department, New Jersey.

  88. Scotty Cyber Cop Stop

  89. Doug's Criminal Justice Site

  90. Bob's Cop's Employment Page

  91. Sgt. Ron's Home Page from the Texas State Police

  92. Scott Bachman's Home Page, Baltimore County Police

  93. West Orange Police Department, New Jersey.


  95. On Duty , The Cops Magazine

  96. Warner Family Law Enforcement Page

  97.  CACTiiS Automated Analysis Training and Services Group

  98. Blueline Tee's

  99. Western Skyline Promotional Services

  100. Warner Family Cop Page

  101. FREE Software!--FREE Software for Security, Loss Prevention, and Law Enforcement Professionals.

  102. Ray Theriault's Corner, Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey Police Officer

  103. Officer Down


  105. Trooper John Hogan, New Jersey State Police, Legal Defense Fund

  106. Gangs Or Us

  107. FindHow - Law Enforcement Jobs

  108. Emergency Junction

  109. Corruption At The Border, by John Carman

  110. "We Get Confessions"  (a book by Lt. Albert Joseph (Ret.) Rochester, New York Police Department)

  111. Kelly R. Williams Law Enforcement homepage

  112. COPS5,  Galloway Township Police Department School Program

  113. Clay's Custom Screen Savers

  114. David Quinaux, Police Officer from Charlorei Belgium.

  115. Interview and Interrogation . com

  116. Maryland State Police Alumni Association

  117. The Ultimate Resource for Law Enforcement Professionals

  118. Gina Gallo, Chicago Police Department's "Real Life Writer". (check it out).

122. Houston Police Sergeant Jay Chase

123. Air Guns HQ

124.   By Sgt Jeff Russo of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department in Las Vegas, Nevada.

125. Inter Fire Online






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