Note: Richard Funkhouser was the director of EPA's Office of International Activities.


April 28, 1982


To:            Wingate Lloyd, EUR/CAN
                 Department of State

FROM:      Richard Funkhouser

SUBJECT: William Sanjour's visit to Canada

    This is in response to your note of April 5 concerning the. recent visit to Alberta of William Sanjour of EPA's Office of Solid Waste.

    I have contacted the appropriate officials in EPA to review Mr. Sanjour's visit and have ascertained that Mr. Sanjour was not on official business during the time of his remarks.

    Mr. Sanjour was on annual leave and he paid his own travel expenses.Before the trip, Mr. Sanjour's superiors cautioned him not to represent himself as an EPA official or associate his views with the Agency, but unfortunately he was quoted in the media as an EPA representative.

I recognize that incidents like this are not helpful in maintaining good relations with Canada nor useful in expediting the construction of waste. treatment facilities on both sides of the border.However, EPA, like all government agencies, is limited in what it can do without violating an employee's rights when they are traveling in a private capacity.

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