Wattmeter PEP Adapters          

Amateur Radio

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Make your wattmeter read Peak Envelope Power. (NOT A KIT --  Fully Assembled)

Also : Lets you read higher power ranges accurately without re-calibrating or buying more slugs.

Example:  Read to 4kw on your Drake W4 or W7, or read 2.5kw, 5 or even 10kw using 1kw slug on a Bird or a Coaxial Dynamics.           

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www.k4poz.com my buddy Ron Wilson has a really good screwdriver antenna product.  I have run the same one for nearly ten years.  Lots of other goodies, too.

www.QTH.com is a huge internet hamfest.

Greg at kx4r has a huge collection of good-looking boatanchors.







This is the main operating desk at K4DPK.  To the left of the Drake W-4 wattmeter (out of view) is the Ham 4 rotor control, A Palomar all-band receiving pre-amp which I use with low noise receiving antennas on the low bands and a Swan WM-2000A wattmeter.  To the right of the W-4 is a TenTec Hercules II solid state amplifier, TenTec Paragon II, TenTec Paragon, and two T/T 962 Power Supplies.  The 100 amp Model 9420 power supply for the Hercules is on the floor.  Another view is here.

Homemade Equipment

I do some home-building of radio equipment, and have posted a few of my projects here K4DPK Homebrew Projects

Home building (homebrewing) equipment involves not just the acquiring of parts and planning of the electrical and mechanical layout, but careful attention to cosmetics as well.  The only result better than a properly functioning home-made device, is one that looks good, too.  One way to give a better look to your projects is by using Dry Transfers.

Here are a few tips and tricks to using them.

Good luck and have fun homebrewing.







The K4DPK VFO Stabilizer corrects DRIFT in: Kenwood 120, 520, 820, 530, 830... Yaesu FT-101, 901,2 TenTec 580, 540, Triton, Corsair, Omni series, Swan 350, 500cx, Collins KWM 2 and 2A, Drake TR4, T4, R4, Heathkit HW101, SB 104a....and many others. 


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