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Here is a picture of the VFO Stabilizer

How the Stabilizer works:

The signal from a stable on-board crystal oscillator and a sampling of the signal from the rig's VFO are both processed through binary counters to develop a high degree of accuracy, then integrated to generate a control voltage.

This controlling voltage is applied to a varactor network across the tuned circuit of the VFO.  The control voltage is used in a way that is inverse to the direction of drift, so drift is corrected as it happens.

A built-in delay prevents the correction of fast frequency changes.  This allows the circuit to "turn loose" when you turn the VFO knob, and then "re-grab" on the new frequency.

The high-quality glass epoxy control board measures approx. 2" X 3" and contains 5 integrated circuits, a stable crystal reference oscillator and on-board voltage regulation.  It will mount inside the radio.  No changes are made to the radio.  There are simply four attachment points where the Stabilizer connects.  These are clearly indicated on Installation Instructions supplied for your specific radio.

The price of the Stabilizer is $70 shipped in CONUS.  Installation is very simple and usually takes about an hour.  There are no changes made to the transceiver.  Only a few connections are made to existing points in the radio, and these are precisely shown on the drawings supplied for installation in your radio. 

How to Order....Personal Check or USPS Money Order to:

Phil Chambley, Sr.   28 East Camelia Rd. NE   Rome, GA  30161 

Be sure and specify what radio or wattmeter you're going to be using.

There are no shipping charges in CONUS.  E-mail me at concerning product questions, multiple orders or overseas shipping.