Ten-Tec Pegasus Transceiver / Ten-Tec RX-340 Receiver

The present station set-up is the Ten-Tec Pegasus and Ten-Tec RX-340.

The Pegasus transceiver is the transmitter and second (sub) receiver and

the RX-340 is the primary receiver.  All this works with software by N4PY.

A Behringer MX-602A mixes the audio out from both receivers to the

stereo headphones.  The Pegasus/RX-340 has full QSK capability on cw.


The RX-340 is a commercial analog and DSP receiver with excellent filtering.

The 57 user selectable filters range from 100hz to 16khz.  The AGC has three standard rates

and is also user programmable.  The receiver is capable of being operated "manually" or fully

software controlled via an RS-232 link.


Review the receiver specifications at: http://www.tentec.com/rx340com.htm


See the excellent review on the Pegasus/RX-340 written by W9AC at:  http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/1505


The Hercules II amplifier is auto bandswitched through the station computer LPT

port using a TopTen Devices band decoder.


The computer and monitor is to the left and not shown in these photos.


The shelf unit is home made and designed to fit on the 60 inch wide desk top.  It is made

from 2X6 inch material for the supports and 1/2 inch plywood for the shelves.  The shelves

are covered with a cloth material and the supports are painted or covered with the matching

wall panel material.  The shelf unit was originally designed and built for a Drake B-line (including

the L-4B) with a little extra margin and has served well over the years with different equipment


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