Ten-Tec Omni VI+     Model 564   

These photos were taken during the installation of the accessory

IF filters.  The "circuit board" filters are from Ten-Tec, the "can" filters

are from INRAD. The cabinet lower half and the bottom chassis cover

are both removed.

The filter line-up is:

9Mhz IF

INRAD 2.4khz/10 pole (TX and RX filter)

INRAD 2.1khz (N1 position)

INRAD 400hz (N2 position)

6Mhz / Passband Tuning IF

INRAD 2.4khz/10 pole (fixed position)

Ten-Tec 1.8khz

Ten-Tec 500hz

INRAD 250hz

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Ten-Tec Omni VI+ Transceiver

Ten-Tec Hercules II Amplifier (solid state - no tune)

Ten-Tec Model 253 Auto Antenna Tuner

Modified Murch transmatch for 80 m inverted vee antenna

Yaesu FT-726 2-meter/UHF all mode transceiver

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