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Welcome to my home page!  I am a resident of Brier, in the Seattle metro area, having relocated here from North  Carolina in 1996.  I am single and a former Air Force Captain, having served for 2500 flight hours as a navigator on  C-130 Hercules transport aircraft in both peacetime and combat overseas.  Today I work at Boeing as an Aerospace Manufacturing  Engineer on the Electrical Corrective Action Team for the 777 and 767-2C (KC-46A Tanker) programs.

These are some of my hobbies and interests

Ham Radio Page   Ham Radio Station K7WV, Broadcast DXing and Radio-Related Links

Anime Pages    Encounter the amazing world of Anime (Japanese Animation).  Pics & Links.

Flying Page    Flying and Aviation.  I am a licensed pilot and former USAF aviator.

Geocaching Page    My activities in the new sport of Geocaching

Music Page    Music, Music-Related and Audiophile pursuits.

Bicycling Page    My Bicycling in Seattle page, including my Seattle-to-Portland cycling adventures.

Gulf War Page    My Gulf War Experience.

Astronomy Page    Amateur Astronomy

Home Views Page    Views of my home in Brier, WA.

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