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Sorry. No Blog. Comcast site

Comcast site

Sorry for all the "No Blog" stuff.  It's not clear how to delete the categories I no longer want. 

Sorry. No Blog.

Blogging in General

Sorry, No Blog on this site.  Blogs tend to ramble on about things that take way too many words and too much time to get to the point anyway...

SO... I won't waste your time by making you read all kinds of background that you don't care about to get to something you thought you might be interested in, only to find out, at the end of the article, that whatever title I put was misleading for what you might possibly be interested in reading about ... like.

Written on a cold, but sunny  March 2 2014......

(can't figure out how to change the date above)

Kinda like this here... (;-)

Cheers, Steve

Steve N.