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 NEW Laser Graphics System info (Nov 17 2013)           Click   Laser Graphics   above-right.

Amateur Radio Page  Click Here

My Memory Management Excel Workbooks.
 IC-706MkIIG, TS-2000, TM-D700, TH-F6A & TH-F7

  ... NOW 32 & 64 Bit system compatible !

TS-480 compatibility in TS-2000 version Available. (added 2/27/14)

Also, info on the TMD-700 internal Fuse F902 blowing problem, the cause and my fix; with Pictures.

 NEW aLogger and aSatLogger  (new 2/17/2012)

 Videos of my Tape Measure Beam deploy and stow.

Photos Page  Click Here
Schematic of the Kenwood TH-F6A Charger.
Pictures of my improvements to the WB2HOL Tape Measure Beam
1 - No Hose Clamps  --  Less cost.
2 - Internal Elements
3 - Internal Match.  Won't catch on branches in tight spaces.
4 - Easy to replace broken element -- Push out small 'holder'.
     **  See videos on my Amateur Radio Control Page    


APRS Beginner Info Page  Click Here

How does APRS work?  Find simplified answers here in my APRS Beginner Guide updated to OCT 2011.

Piecewise Polynomial Interpolation Book  Click Here

 Full Text available as of August 2010              

Fundamentals of Piecewise Polynomial Interpolation, used in graphics, that takes you from linear interpolation to all the common curve drawing methods used in graphics.  It uses only Algebra and avoids more complex mathematic notations as much as possible.  It also includes a reference with all the common methods used for graphics curves.

       FULL TEXT vailable free.  Last Rev of the text done 2 April 2011.


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