APRS Beginner INFO

   What is APRS?  How does APRS work?  Looking for an APRS tutorial?  This page has my APRS Beginner Guide and some port and baud rate information for the TH-D7. Other related documents will be added in the future.

  APRS Beginner Guide  Click Here for the PDF document. Revised 10/06/2011

   I provide simple explanations of some of the more tricky things – something I sought when I got started, but couldn't find. 

   I do not assume you are familiar with standard, AX.25, Packet. 

   I do not give button pushes except occasionally. If you don't know how to get to menus and the like, spend a couple of weeks with the radio manual in hand and play with everything. You'll remember later, or know where to hunt for things.

   While the giude is slanted towards North America and the Kenwood radios, because I own a D7 & D700, most information is universal although some terminology changes between radios and TNCs.

TH-D7 Port & Baud rate guide Click Here for the PDF document.

......... This page last updated 06 October 2011 ........

Steve N.