Amateur Radio Control

My Excel Radio Memory Management spreadsheets are available here.  These are Excel Workbooks that manage radio memories and do real-time control.

Videos of my tape measure beam are below. 

The links below will download the files to your computer.

These Workbooks will work only on a PC. You can open the workbooks on the Macintosh, but buttons will not work.

Typical Features.
No DLLs to load, just the Workbook.
Requires a PC and Excel 97 through 2010.  Later versions should also work, but haven't been tested.
You must enable Macros upon opening.

Read/Write all radio Memories.
      Plain English and abbreviated entries.    F = FM 107 = 107.2
      All Memories on ONE sheet; includes scan limits & Call.
      DTMF Memories.
      User selectable memory groups and sections.
      Everything for one Memory on one line (row).
      A really nice progress bar.
      Click to change the active Memory in the Radio.

Read/Write Menu items.
      Pop-up menus and in-cell help choosing values.
      VFO settings.
      Click to change the active PM in the D700.
      Some items are best left for manual operation.

Real time Control of Radio
      Enter frequency and Mode in sheet.
      Click on a frequency to tune Radio.
      Click button to grab Radio Frequency.
      Use all Excel features i.e. Cut, Copy Paste, etc.

      The TH-F6A Version can read and write Kenwood MCP format data files (.fx).
      The 706 version has a slick way to quickly enter CTCSS frequencies into the Memories.


PLEASE NOTE that I am not considering any further modifications or special requests for changes at this time.

Minor color fixes were updated Mar 24 2009     Click the respective links to download files.

>  For the Icom 706MkIIG
    Click Here for the 706 Features document. . 
      PLEASE NOTE: I have a simplified SEMI-AUTOMATIC way of getting PL frequencies 
into memories even thought Icom provided NO CI-V commnds for this. 

    706MkIIG Latest Version 6.0 for either 32 or 64 bit systems: CLICK HERE

    Click Here for the older 706 Spreadsheet. 1.2 MB Vers 5-12a 32 bit only

 For 706MkIIG Split and Duplex instructionsClick Here

>  For the Kenwood TM-D700
    Click Here for the TM-D700 Features document.
    TM-D700 Latest Version for 32 or 64 bit systems CLICK HERE

   Click Here for the older TM-D700 Spreadsheet. 2.3 MB For 32 bit only 

 For the TM-D700 F902 Fuse failure cause and my fix,  Click Here

>  For the Kenwood TH-F6A
    Click Here for the TH-F6A OR F7 Features document.  F6 OR F7 
    CLICK HERE for the Newer TH-F6A 32/64 bit version

    Click Here for the older TH-F6A Spreadsheet. 4.7 MB   32 bit ONLY 

A complete Computer Control Protocol Reference for the TH-F6A   Click Here.  It includes a schematic for a computer interface level converter.

> For the Kenwood TH-F7 
  Click Here for the TH-F7 Spreadsheet.   BETA VERSION 32 or 64 bit systems.   This was done as a special request and the requester has accepted this version as meeting his needs.

>  For the Kenwood TS-2000
    Click Here for the TS-2000 Features document.
    CLICK HERE For Newest TS-2000 Spreadsheet  32 / 64 bit systems

    Click Here for the OLDER TS-2000 Spreadsheet. 1.02 MB

> For the Kenwood TS-200 - 480 
  This sheet is a TS-2000 version with limited memory capabilities for the TS-480 
  CLICK HERE for the TS-2000 / TS-480 Version 32 or 64 Bit systems.   This was done as a special request and the requester has accepted this version as meeting his needs.  

> Tape Measure Beam Videos with sound
Tape measure beam Deploy Video.
Tape measure beam Stow Video.
There WERE stills of the construction technique on the Photos page.  They will return when I finish the Challenger display migrations.

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Steve N.