HOME PAGE *** See Challenger link above.

Looks like I have my site back after it somehow vanished from Comcast, but in case not see Below for an archived version.


The old Home page will be restored in the near future.


My Home Page on the Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20130903230901/http://home.comcast.net/~k9dci/site/?

To get direct access to the documents on my current site:

1) Go to the above Archive address
2) Select the page and doc you want. You should be able to select my other pages (Amateur..., Piecewise..., APRS..., Laser)
3) Right click to copy the URL of the document you want.
4) Paste that long URL into another Browser address bar at the top. For example, for the APRS document on my APRS page this is the Archive's URL:
5) Remove everything to the left of the second http// (that looks like this) 
6) You are left with a link to my current site and directly to that document: http://k9dci.home.comcast.net/APRS%20Beginner%20Guide%20-%20K9DCI%20Ver%205-1.pdf

This page very frustratingly last updated on June 12 2015...

Steve N.