Moon-Rise Delay Each Day

How Much Later Does The Moon Rise Each Day?

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Why-oh-why do I do these things:

   As a retired EE volunteering as a technical advisor at the Challenger Learning Center in Woodstock Illinois., I've been looking for demos with lots of "WOW Factor" for students. 

  In the process of looking for good subjects for some enhanced parallax 3-D photograph demonstrations, I thought of looking at the parallax of the moon against the stars using two images taken on opposite sides of Earth (or 12 hours apart).

 As a semi-related thought, a remnant from my astronomy hobby, I thought I'd look into what now must be a classical question of how much later the moon rises each day.

  What I saw on the net in quite a few places didn't look correct. So, I carefully worked out what appears to be a correct solution for the *average* time (over one month).  After finding and fixing all the sources of error, I compared my solution with a year average of times on the 2013 moon-rise tables from the U.S. Naval Observatory and found very good corelation of within 0.22%. 

  Studying the on-line information, I now understand that these simple calculation are only an approximation that are within 4% and that they are not the true formula.  The actual calculation, however, is not much more complex.

 The document (pdf) linked below provides all the background and methods of calculating accurate estimate of this time. 

 I invite any serious analyses that are fully explained.

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How much Later does the moon rise each day?

You can CLICK HERE to get the latest version. (added Feb 21 2014)

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