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The world of  ulf  -  slf  waves is covered in detail by some very  excellent
sites.   Sites such as  www.vlf.it   and  the McGreevy sites are  some wonderful  examples.   Most of the content of  ULF - SLF  wave sites  use equipment that is   by it's nature  fixed , computerized , and  often times  has  rather large antennas to receive  the signals.  The focus and intention of this site is to introduce the ULF - SLF  explorer to the  relatively unknown world of
 " Mobile "   and  " Portable " equipment to discover  " Crossover " 
SLF signals and something  new  that I call " Mobile   Magnetic waves " .
 This site will introduce the use of  economical  equipment  and applications and feature the use of  non magnetically aligned " ferro magnetic rod
antennas " .  " Crossover "  signals and   " Mobile   Magnetic Waves "  are interestingly different  than other SLF signals  and   the only other mention  or  study  of  "  Mobile  Magnetic Waves "  that I can find  on the web , anywhere ,  is at  this (a )  site.  
    I hope to    encourage   the  hobbyist  interested in SLF and / or Geomagnetic  waves to go out and locate 
Crossover signals  and   Mobile  Magnetic Waves, to  record and document  them. This  to discover more about  their  true  nature and   their  source.  Crossover  waves are ultra low frequency RF  ( ac electromagnetic  )   signals , under   under 7 hz or less  (  so far )  and have very localized , nearly coherent  properties  similar to  Mobile  Magnetic Waves.  They  seem to be in motion , changing their location over a short  period of time. 
Mobile Magnetic  Waves, I'll call them " MMWs "  for convienance ,  are always  mobile ,  remaining
 in one place for  only a short period of time. They usually exhibit " unique " properties that make each
 one of them seem individual in nature.   These waves are truly  coherent magnetic lines of force , rather
 than   SLF RF  waves , in as much as you can only pick them up if you happen to be in direct contact with them.  Standard  ULF - SLF  receiving / detection equipment can locate and document both  Crossover signals   and MMWs if  used in mobile and / or portable applications as shown on this web site.   Audio
 wave files   and spectrogram   documentation of these signals / waves  are  presented  on this site.  

 The  " Wave Bender "  site will introduce very inexpensive  mobile detection  equipment and show
 portable applications of  detection antennas and equipment  using new   "  resonant ferrite rod " technology, as mentioned above.  The resonant rods and   many of the  circuits adapted  in my equipment section  can  be found at the most excellent  " Stormwise " web site.  The wave bender site will also show  equipment
(  click this link to jump directly to the Gauss Master area )  information useful to the  paranormal  , alien ,
  ULF - SLF, Geomagnetic , government conspiracy  and natural phenomena  hobbyist .    This equipment  is
 helpful for a wide verity of applications and possibly the first  application  of this equipment , mobile /
 portable , to discover the unusual geomagnetic /  ulf  type waves covered in this site.

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