I grew up as a "knuckle-head" on the streets of Lewes Beach until a young brother "Frenchie" taught me the early values of life such as friendship, money, and women in an attempt to shape my life and guide me away from the factors that are leading to the extinction
of the "Black-Male."

In an effort to further combat the role of the diminishing
" Black-Man"

I decided to further my education at Delaware State University so I could take in the full beauty of blackness. It was at Delaware State University that I entered my final stage of youthful development.

I hooked up with a core of brothers that feared only GOD, and trusted one man. Through hard work and perseverance my soul transformed from a "coal" to a marvelous "Diamond" shining for the whole world to see.

Personal Quote: "Show love, even to those who hate you, for their hate will elevate your spiritual being because that which does not destroy you will only make you stronger."


"Soon as he buy that wine, I just creep her from behind (B.I.G.- R.I.P)"

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Location: Wilmington,
Race: Black
Age: 27
Occupation: Govt.
College: Del. State Univ.
Interest: Comedy
Graduation: 1999


The Beauty of A Woman
The beauty of a woman is not what you see on the exterior, but what lies beneath the skin using her eyes as the opening into her soul -
The beauty of a woman is that she is the map leading to treasures disguised by the mind for the heart`s secrets untold -
The beauty of a woman is that she can be hard when protecting that which she cherishes because it is oh so soft while providing the physical navigation to the land of the lost -
The beauty of a woman is that she is the elusive piece of the puzzle that provides completeness, all the while tempting this bee with her nectar because her sweetness truly is my weakness.....
By. CH `01
Perfect Moment:

Driving through the streets of the Delaware resorts about 1:00am with the moon roof wide-open, rockin` some D`Angelo with that special someone while she slowly licks the ice cream off her lips. Next we park and walk the beach while looking into the ocean that appears as dark as oil under the night sky.

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