Painting Romantic Roses

The question I’m asked most often is how to paint roses. This one-day workshop will explain how to paint roses, not only well, but romantically and full of life.

We will focus on roses, yet lessons may be applied to any floral subject.

1 day oil painting workshop


Saturday, May 4, 2013

9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Westford, MA


Limited registration


Student Testimonials

“Using a limited palette was one of the exercises that Kathy Cooper incorporated into her ateliér last year. Of all that I’ve learned from Kathy – and that’s a great deal – this was one of the most practical and beneficial in terms of understanding color. I believe I’ve truly grown my artistic ability by using the limited palette.”

– Ellen Hurley

Bedford, MA


“What color is that? Have you ever been stuck, looking at a scene, and not be sure how to get the right hue?

When Kathy began our study of color, we all complained about the limited palette. Now I realize how valuable a lesson it was. After a year of using white, yellow, red and blue almost exclusively, I find I can match almost any color I see in nature. Using a limited palette allows me to recognize the relationship of colors, and how to push a color cool or warm by a touch of one of the primaries.” Thanks Kathy!

– Sue Lippman

Chelmsford, MA


“I am in my 4th year of steadily painting using oils and I am much happier with my ability to mix colors than I was before this lesson. This study has helped me create a palette that matches what I see. It taught me how to “think” about the colors before I mix them and to express the colors that surround me more accurately. Thank you so much, Kathy, for teaching me what I need to know to mature as an artist!

– Carol Xenos

Chelmsford, MA

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Kathy Cooper is a nationally known professional oil painter, signature member and previous President/CEO of American Impressionist Society. She paints all subjects and is famed for her romantic florals. Kathy paints and teaches in her Westford studio and across the United States.