About This Site

What is This Site About?

The "Counted Cross Stitch, Needlework, and Stitchery Page" is my personal Web site. It was established during the wild, wooly, frontier days of the Web in October, 1994. I have no business connections with the needlework industry other than to spend money buying needlework supplies (stash) for myself.

This site has the Needlework FAQs, archived material from online discussions, and some online gadgets to help get that next project started.

All products and services are listed as a courtesy to the reader. No endorsements, warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied.

Why Does It Have Such a Long Name?

Yes, "Counted Cross Stitch, Needlework, and Stitchery Page" is a long name. When this site was started in 1994, the search engines only searched on a site's name and its URL--not on its content. This meant site names needed to be very descriptive if the author wanted them to be found. Even though the long name is not needed today, I decided not to change it. Must be my traditionalist side...

Why Does It Look So Plain?

The topic of Web site usability is very interesting to me. I believe that a site's design should match its purpose and intended audience.

The goal of this site is to get information to stitchers. The site should to be easy to use, fast to load, and usable on older computers and browsers. I want people to be able get in, find what they need, and leave. Of course, if they want to stay, that's good, too. :-)

The goal led to several design decisions.

There are very few graphics, and those that are present are reused on most pages so they load fast from the browser's cache. The site is even usable with image loading turned off.

None of the graphics are animated, so readers won't have flashing, blinking things distracting them in their peripheral vision.

For the benefit of older computers and browsers, there is only a basic use of cascading style sheets, and no plugins are required. Any page should be viewable on a small monitor without side-to-side scrolling.

To make site navigation easy, the site has consistent menus, and breadcrumbs.

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