Humor From Online

True life tales from Trish about the Trap of Death, the Bearded Dragon, and the Accidental Fish Farming Incident.
Boring Stories, Boring Stories 2, and Boring Stories 3
Environmentally concerned Floss Fairies... Stories, Commentaries,and Jokes.
Black (market) floss and a mysterious stranger... The Tale of #310 by CatFanceee
Will the Beautiful Princess defeat her evil Step-Mother-In-Law and the Dreaded Frog Stitch Spell?
Legend of the Gripit by Monique Reed
"There once was a stitcher named Blanche"
Limericks and Poems Collection 1, Collection 2, and Collection 3.
"I am stitcher, hear me roar!"
Are you feeling logical?
"Dashing through the store..."
Holiday Items
"Teresa's Castle of Terror"
Horror Movie Titles.

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