Final Daily Report

From: (Kathleen Dyer)
Newsgroups: rec.crafts.textiles.needlework,rec.crafts.textiles.quilting
Subject: IMQ Report 9/18/95
Date: 19 Sep 1995 18:29:57 -0700
Organization: CRL

Today at 8:20 am CDT, the IMQ was presented to the Vice-Mayor of OKC.  The
Mayor was unavailable due to surgery last week.  Pictures, both official
and unofficial, were taken with the Vice_mayor and the IMQ.  The quilt
was kept in its cover at that time, as it was quite likely larger than the

It was presented to the City Council at their morning meeting.  Elaine
Dowling spoke while many people helped unfold and display the IMQ.  It
stretched nearly the width of the chamber.  All local network affiliates
and the local cable access station were there.  The IMQ was graciously
accepted by the council.

Some of the OKC people are going to try and tape the local news coverage.

By a very timely quirk of fate, a small quilt was presented immediately
before ours by the students of Pikes Peak Community College, from 
Colorado.  It had the names of all the victims on it, and was mostly
read, white and blue.

The representative of the museum was sick with the flu, and from all accounts
was very disappointed about missing the presentation.  Elizabeth Herman
took custody of the IMQ and will take it to the museum.  The museum person
suggested waiting until the end of the month, because the museum is on
the state fair grounds, and the state fair is in session.  The quilt
would have to be carried quite some distance, and it seemed best to wait
until the fair is over.

Laura Griner took down the names of everyone who attended.  These included
at least two people from OKC who were there on behalf of newsgroup people
who were not local.

As I have planned since the first of these daily reports, this is the final
one.  Any postings for IMQ business still to be finished will be done 
directly by the person(s) involved.

I will, however, write a full trip report, and promise not to use the
dry, factual style which seemed most appropriate for these daily reports.

In fact, if I may change styles now...

Less than 12 hours ago, I was in the City Council Chambers in Oklahoma
City.  Now I'm home in California.  The emotions of the day--tears, laughter,
solemnity, pride, weariness.  A lovely gift for a friendly, strong city.  
I saw the bomb site, and was stunned by the damage that was still
apparent 3 or more blocks away from the site.  The momentos and gifts on
the chain link fence surrounding the site.  Seeing the IMQ in its entirety 
for the first time.  It was huge.  The dark blue sashing surrounding each 
block made the colors glow.  Meeting many wonderful people.

Sincerely, and with great respect for the people of Oklahoma City,
Kathy Dyer

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