Frail Old Angel

An Old Angel's Cry

While sleeping one night I had a dream.
It left a tale to tell.
I dreamed I saw an angel,
and she wasn't looking well.

Her body was bruised and battered
Her wings were ripped and torn.
I saw that she could barely walk.
She was tired. Her hope was worn.

I walked over then and I asked her
I said "Angel, How could this be?"
She tried to smile as she gathered her thoughts;
Then these words she said to me.

"I am your guardian angel, quite a task as you can see.
You've lived a very wild life, with that you must agree.
You've broken laws and broken hearts.
What you see you've done to me."

"These bruises are from shielding you,
I do my best even still.
The drugs you've used so dangerously,
I've often paid the bill."

"My wings you see are ripped nad torn,
a noble badge I bear.
So many times they've shielded you,
from perils you were unaware."

"Yes, each mark tells a story,
of pains and dangers I've destroyed.
You've made me wish more times than once,
that I were unemployed."

"If only you would embrace life,
and choose to do so on your own.
It would stop your pain and suffering,
that comes from being alone."

"I will always be here to watch over you,
until my powers fail.
As for when that will be.....
all I can say is I'm getting old and frail."

When I awoke from the dream,
I thought about the angel and how much she seemed to care.
Then I looked around at these prison walls,
and my heart sank in despair.

As for some kind of life within these walls
I wondered....why even try?
Then distantly I thought I heard
A frail old angel cry.

(I originally read this poem many years ago. It was written by a man in prison on death row. I have read a number of different versions since, but this one really touches my heart. If I come across the original author I will insert his name.)

Country background by CandeeKis

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