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       Benjamin Bolling ( June 30, 1734-Jan. 30, 1832 ) son of Major John Bolling ( 1700-1757) and Elizabeth Blair was born in Wilkes County, North Carolina. The Bollings were among tht first to brave the dangers of the New World. Evidently the love for adventure was inherited by Benjamin. He was the first settler on the Pound. He first came into what is now Wise County about 1789 and claimed all the land that he could see on the Guest River ( Esserville ). The pioneer built a cabin and lived there two to three years. One day a home seeker came by with a rifle and a couple of hound pups, which caught his eye. A trade was soon made and the pioneer, Ben, returned to his home and civilization thinking the lure for adventure was over. Little time had elapsed until the call of the wilderness overcame him. He shouldered his gun, whistled to his dogs, and hit the trail. A few weeks later Benjamin reached Fox Gap in the Black Mountains. He viewed the valley which was to be his home. This was to be later known as Flat Gap ( located in now what is Wise County, Va. ).

Family of Benjamin Bolling ( June 30, 1734-Jan. 20, 1832 ) and Patsy(Molly) Phelps who died March 8, 1767 and then married Charity Larrimore.


1. Benjamin Bolling Jr.

2. John Bolling

3. Jesse Bolling

4. William Bolling

5. Hannah Bolling

6. Delaney Bolling

7. Elizabeth Bolling

8. Jeremiah Bolling

9. Barnett Bolling

10. Justice Bolling

11. Issac Bolling

12. Levi Bolling

13. James Bolling

Genealogy Source: Bollings by Hattie L. Bolling