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          Research shows that "Bolling" is spelled in various ways. Members of the same family spelled it differently in several instances. Some included Bolling, Boiling,Bolwing,Bowling,Bolin,Bolen,and Bowleyn.

         "In Colonial Families of the United States of America-May 13,1607-April 19,1775" by George Mckenize M.B. Genealogical Pub. Co. Baltimore,1966 Vol. 2 Page 136 "Bolling", it states that the Bolling family is of ancient English origin. Robert Bolling Esq., in the reign of Edward the 4th possessed the elegant house of Bolling Hall near Bradford in Yorkshire where many previous generations of his ancestors had lived. He died in 1645 and from him, the Virginia Bollings claims descentant Robert Bolling, son of John and Mary Bolling, of the Bollings of Bolling Hall, was the first of that name to settle in America. In the year 1675 married Jane Rolfe, daughter of Liet Thomas Rolfe, by his wife, Jane Poythress, and grand daughterof the princess Pocahontas (wife of John Rolfe), whose father was the Indian Emperor, Powhatan. His second marriage was to Anne Stith daughter of John Stith.

Bollings in early England (taken from the Official Handbook of Bolling Hall-"1947")

William de Bolling, fined in1165.

William de Bolling, father and son owned land in Nowhall and Bolling: both were benefactors of Kirkstall Abbey.

Robert de Bolling in 1246 owned land in Bolling; probably son of William de Bolling the younger.

John de Bolling, paid relief for his father's land' on Robert's death in1258-59.

William de Bolling, suceeded his father John, owner of the Bolling 1235-1316.

John de Bolling head of the family in 1318 by deed in1330 made a grant to Robert his son.

Robert de Bolling, married in 1337, Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Roger de Thornton.

John de Bolling, succeeded father Robert; married Grace, daughter of William Popely; he and wife assessed in 1379; died about 1408.

Robert de Bolling, son and heir, married Margaret, daughter of Thomas Tharnore; died before 1423.

Robert Bolling, succeeded to his father's possessions; he and son Tristram fought at Towton with the Lancastrians, 1461; attained on high treason, pardoned Jan. 26,1475; died 1461 married Isabel Thorton.

Tristram Bolling, married 1st-Beatrice daughter of Walter Calverley,contract dated 1446, when he was a child; married 2nd- Ellen; will dated April 7,1502, named son, Edward Bolling.

Edward Bolling, died at Chelbow 1543; son and heir was Tristram.

Tristram Bolling, succeeded his father at Chelbow, died 1561; bequethed  the Chelbow estate to Edward, his eldest son.

Edward Bolling resided at Chelbow, died 1561; widow named Maud married Thomas Fleming, whose will left legacy to Edward's son, Robert.

Robert Bolling settled in London, will dated Sept. 5,1635 names wife Anne who was the daughter of Thomas Clarke, of London, and his son John.

Robert Bolling born Dec. 26,1646 baptized at All Hollows, emigrated to America, arrived Oct. 2,1660 at the age of 14; married Jane Rolfe(1675), the daughter of Thomas Rolfe and grand daughter of Pocahontas. His wife died the next year leaving one son, John Bolling. Robert married 2nd wife Anne Stith, daughter of Major John Stith.

The descendants of Jane Rolfe's one son, John , are referred to as the 'red" Bollings and the descendants of Anne Stith are referred to as the "white" Bollings.

First Ladies

      Edith Bolling, Galt, Wilson (Oct. 15, 1872-Dec.. 28, 1961), wife of President Woodrow Wilson came from the "red" Bolling lineage. Her g.g. grandfather, John Bolling, a brother of Benjamin Bolling Sr., married Martha Jefferson, a sister to President Thomas Jefferson. Her g. grand-parents were Archibald Bolling Sr. and Catherine Payne. Her grand-parents were Archibald Bolling Jr. and Anne Wiggington. Her parents were Judge William Bolling and Sally White.

Genealogy Sourcs: Bollings by Hattie L Bolling