1961 Imperial Convertible
Here is my 1961 Imperial Convertible.  It is an all-orginal car save for the top, battery, brakes, tires  and exhaust.  I bought it from the original owner many years ago and at that time the car had 41,000 miles.  It now has just over 54,000.  It still has its original paint, interior, engine, transmission and so on.  The leather interior is starting to crack and show its age a bit.
The 61 Imperial Convertible is a very low production automobile.  Chrysler Corporation only built 429 of them.  The car is equipped with power steering, brakes, windows and 6-way seat.  The V-8 is a 413 cubic inch, 350 horsepower monster.  Options include a signal-seeking AM radio and power antenna (rear seat speakers were not available in convertibles in 1961).  Although available, this car is not equipped with air conditioning, swivel seats, power door locks, speed control, or power vent windows.

Here is a portion of the original window sticker for this car.

Strangely enough, the options were pre-printed but the dollar amounts were written in.  I suspect that prices weren't finalized when the sticker was printed so pricing was manually added later.  This was a fairly early production car (the 495th Imperial - probably one of the first convertibles) purchased in October, 1960.  Although the sticker price on this car was $6501.25, according to the bill of sale, the original owner, a Vancouver, Washington physician, paid $5500.00 for it.
Here is the odometer reading as of October, 1999.

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