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 2014 FCS "Spring Stats" are ready now.   I have been working for months just for you FCS fans to illustrate the personnel lost from 2013 teams.   108 rosters have been reviewed to determine stats lost from departed players (16 teams have not yet published a 2014 roster).    KCFR is the one and only place you will find a complete listing of FCS numbers for starters and stats lost.   It's the least I can do, being a proud contributor to the GPI for many years.


 2014 FBS "Spring Stats" (alpha list) are also here (shown by conference grouping here.)     A little later than past years, but worth the wait.    After months of organizing stats and checking spring rosters and news releases, this survey handily expresses personnel losses by checking off the 2013 stats of departed players.


Preseason rankings and conference forecasts will be published in mid-August.  


Congratulations Florida State = BCS Champions

Congrats North Dakota State = 3-peat FCS Champs.

Well Done!   Ted Thompson's SPRS systems Best in 2013 for Computer Predictions.  


Final 2013 Rankings are completed.   FBS  &  FCS







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