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The UGa Bulldogs, last week's #1 ranked team, were closerthanthis to beating Carolina, but alas fall to #10 now.   The new KCFR #1 is, wait for it..............  Auburn!  (Their next stop at Kansas State .......hmmmm.) Week 2 Rankings:   FBS   FCS 


Week 3 predictions went 80% FBS game winners.   Not too shabby again.    (Tied 14th place on Beck's Prediction Tracker.)    77% for the season so far.    Week 4 Game Predictions out Tuesday.   


The rankings are obviously skewed by early contests between power teams and overmatched teams, and will take a few weeks to properly align.    Florida State and Alabama results come immediately to mind from last Saturday's opponents.   If this were a "sportsbook" operation, then single team adjustments would have to be made.   However, KCFR must remain a non-biased and comparably fair system in keeping with the idealism of computer formulas, no matter how wacky the results appear.


 FYI, the KCFR ranking matrix leans heavier on a team's Power Rating at the beginning of the season, then heavier on the teams Won-Lost Rating at the end of the season.    When you view the KCFR rank page, take time to scan the overall rank of Power ratings and Schedule strength to consider where a team should be considered in the rank.  


In my opinion, the Kenneth Massey Ranking Composite is the most valuable impartial tool for ranking the top teams, and should be consulted by the College Football Playoff selection committee.





Division I Conference Forecasts are now published.    Conference races are predicted after applying Power Rating, Home Advantage, and Away Factor to the 2014 schedule.   Predicted average conference MOV is also shown.   Let the games begin !


 Preseason Rankings are here.   FBS   FCS   These rankings have beginning Power Rating for each team and the predicted overall ranking at season end.    


2014  Division I Master Schedule is now published.   This is a single page view in spreadsheet form, listed by FBS conferences and FCS conferences.   Kenneth Massey has an excellent schedule in date order



 2014 FCS "Spring Stats" are ready now (updated August 9th).     I have been working for months just for you FCS fans to illustrate the personnel lost from 2013 teams.   All rosters have been reviewed to determine stats lost from departed players.    KCFR is the one and only place you will find a complete listing of FCS numbers for starters and stats lost.   It's the least I can do, being a proud contributor to the GPI for many years.   


 2014 FBS "Spring Stats" (alpha list) and also here (shown by conference grouping here.)     A little later than past years, but worth the wait.    After months of organizing stats and checking spring rosters and news releases, this survey handily expresses personnel losses by checking off the 2013 stats of departed players.   (Updated August 9th due to recent dismissals or injuries.)




K D Keep, Seattle WA