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 Week 15 Rankings:   FBS

   The BCS is not really dead, in fact now we have BCS Plus.    Four is better but eight would be great.

I've been espousing for years a Plus+1 concept whereas the Top 2 ranked winners of bowl games go on to the FBS Championship Game.   Under this scenario, using the current New Years Six Bowls, teams ranked 1-6 could all lose, leaving the final game at 7 vs 8, long odds surely yet possible.    At least this way all five power conferences would have a shot, notwithstanding the whim of a selection committee.    Also, all the major bowls would be relevant each year rather than rotation semis and four exhibitions.   Otherwise, every year expect to see a few teams try to run up the score to impress the committee, believe it.


North Dakota State Bison retain #1 FCS Rank.    

Week 15 Rankings out Sunday night:   FCS



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