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      The college football preview magazines are out, and it's time to catch up on info for the coming season.  

    The annual FCS Stats page will be published Sunday, July 12th.  This single-page handy survey shows numbers of starters lost offense and defense, and percent stats lost by position for each team due to departed players.   At this time, there are 16 teams who have not issued an official 2015 roster, so those team stats may not be accurate.   I know there are many FCS fans eager for preseason information, so this is for you to reprint or use the data however you like.   There will not be an FBS edition as that info is already mastered by Phil Steele's blogs and his yearbook.


 August 1st, have published a Division  I schedule spreadsheet.

Later will have predicted conference standings and preseason rankings.   I'm excited for the upcoming season.   I do appreciate any feedback or suggestions, and thank you for clicking on KCFR.


Week 1 Game Predictions are now published.   Time For Kickoff!











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