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Alabama Crimson Tide retain the overall #1 rank.

The KCFR Won/Lost rankings (no MOV or stats) as follows: 1=Florida St, 2=Alabama, 3=Oregon, 4=TCU.   (sounds like a good to go final 4 to me)


North Dakota State Bison retain #1 FCS Rank, followed by Jax State, Illinois State, Eastern Wash & New Hampshire.   FCS Rank is now entirely ranked per Won/Lost Rating (no MOV or stats) from end of regular season and through the playoffs.



Week 13 Rankings:   FBS   FCS   

Week 14  Game Predictions out Monday 24th.


As a public service, here is the page for Week 14 FBS predictions using the Old Formula.    The over/under numbers are unchanged between systems.  KCFR is not responsible for personal misuse of this data for monetary gains, so there.


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