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 Any Given Saturday:   The premier football chat forum for FCS football with a wide-ranging cast of characters and commentary.   Also, a pretty good source for news updates and all things FCS.


 Massey Ratings:  Kenneth Massey is one the true artisans of rating college football, and his website proves it!    Check out the Comparison Page of ratings systems and ranking theories.   Mr Massey is one the contributors for computer ranking component of the Bowl Championship Series.


 The Prediction Tracker:  Todd Beck has amassed an amazing website which displays and tracks the performance of most of the computer football ratings systems for their straight-up game predictions and pointspread ATS records.    


 WWW Virtual Library:   David Wilson's famous home page for links to college football rankings, theories, history, and who's who of systems.   A huge & valuable resource.


 CSN & GPI:  

The College Sporting News is the leading magazine for national and local coverage of FCS football.   Their site includes the Gridiron Power Index, a BCS style ranking survey comprised of polls and computer systems.   KCFR is a proud contributor to the GPI.


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