Welcome to my Web pages. I am an international development consultant and writer with more than thirty years experience in supporting sustainable community economic and social development. I worked nineteen years with the Peace Corps and ten years with the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU). Each of the five main subject pages that can be reached by clicking one of the buttons above represents a domain to which I have devoted a major portion of my professional life. These areas are:

  • Credit Unions and other Community Financial Institutions (CFIs), including Islamic financial institutions,
  • Information and Communications Technologies for Development (ICT4D),
  • Democracy and Governance (D & G) especially in Africa,
  • Community Self-Help Construction (Build), and
  • the history, politics, cultures, and languages of Africa (Africa).

Purpose. These Web pages allow me to share information and resources relating to my professional activities with colleagues and friends with whom I have common interests.

Page Organization. Each subject page links to three sub-pages:

  • a description of my activities in the area,
  • documents that I have written or edited on the subject, and
  • links to relevant Websites and e-mail lists.

Navigating. Each subject page and each document contains a number of internal links to help you navigate within the page. Links to external sites will open a new browser window.

Blogs. I post essays, book reviews, commentaries, observations, and drafts of papers on the subjects of these Web pages to my Web log ("blog"), Smart and Wise , where I invite you to add your comments.

The Togo Bookshelf is a bi-lingual English-French Web log under construction where books entirely or partially about Togo will be reviewed and discussed.

Feedback. Your constructive feedback and suggestions for improving these pages are welcome. Thank you for taking the time to visit my pages.

Copyright. The contents of these pages are ©Kelly J. Morris except for those papers that were written for my previous employers or clients or unless otherwise noted.

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