Friends of Riverside Cemetery Inc. 333 West Michigan Ave. Three Rivers, Mi. 49093

Friends of Riverside Cemetery Inc. (referred to as FORCI) A nonprofit, tax exempt Corporation.  Founded on June 22, 2010.  The primary purpose of the Corporation is to preserve Historic Riverside Cemetery, which is owned and operated by the City of Three Rivers.  In 1889 the founders erected a fountain in what was referred to as the East Diamond. The West Diamond contains the Civil War Memorial built in 1903.  Around the mid 1950’s the fountain was so deteriorated that it was removed and bushes were planted within the basin.  One of our first goals is to build a Founders Memorial dedicated to the founders of Riverside Cemetery and the founders of Three Rivers.  A large boulder was obtained from Waste Management and transported to the East Diamond.  At this time the Diamond is being prepared for the project, which we hope to get underway in the spring of 2011.  The project will resemble the Civil War Memorial.  A large boulder surrounded by an 8 sided cement viewing patio encircling the boulder.  Four sidewalks will extend N, S, E, W, towards the 4 points of the Diamond. At the N/S end will be two marble benches. Two document readers one on the east and one on the west side of the viewing patio. One document reader will contain information about the Cemetery history, prominent people and tidbits. One will contain historic information about the City of Three Rivers and its Pioneers.   The boulder will contain bronze plaques.  One will list the founders of Riverside another founders of Three Rivers. An additional plaque may be added.  FORCI, decided to call it the Armstrong Founders Memorial, in honor of Armstrong’s long and dedicated history in Three Rivers.   Armstrong International Inc. the family-owned industry was established  in 1900 in Three Rivers and has been a  leader in our community and over the years has given so much to the community we felt it only appropriate to dedicate the Founders Memorial in the name of Armstrong’s


Ken Baker