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tree_chart.jpg In January 2006, I decided to document my Family Tree and since both of my parents have such large families, I figured I'd have lots of "research assistants" and information to draw on. After spending several months gathering data from the family, I realized I had created a monster. In 2 short months I had already collected more than 2,500 names.

A lot of the work in the beginning was data entry as I attempted to take existing genealogy books and enter them into the software I was using called Family Tree Maker. After entering data from the family, and the genealogy books, I then began to do my own research using websites like,, and What you will find on the Family tree is a work in progress, so feel free to e-mail me with any questions, corrections, or comments on what you find. Enjoy!

Special thanks to my parents, aunts and uncles, several Genealogy books, especially "The Family of Granville H. Cox, 1822-1888, of early Ashe County, North Carolina and Atchison County, Missouri" printed in 1980 by distant cousin Karl T. Jaeckel, which was a great source of information on the Johnson/Cox families.

Genealogy: The science of confusing the dead and irritating the living