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These maps are laid out at different zoom levels click on a thumbnail to view the maps at full-size.  The Maps show the location of the drawbridges in Alameda County.  At the bottom is a USGA Satellite Photo of the Area.

bayareasm.gif (2144 bytes) San Francisco Bay Area

Drawbridge Location Map Northeast Section of Alameda County

Drawbridge Location Map Zoom 2x Zoom 2x

alameda1sm.gif (1583 bytes) Zoom 2x

Satellite Photo Photo 340 x 359 70k Photo 1700 x 1769 510k

The above photo is a United States Government Satellite image at different resolutions.  They give you a general location of were the Alameda County Drawbridges are located.  I added some text descriptions on the small image for informational purposes.  The large photo has very good image detail.