Park Street Bridge Tour

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Three new pictures!!! See below

Approach Way
Park St. Approach
Operator Consule
Operator Console
Gear Box
Reduction Gear Box 29k
Hydro Brakes
Hydraulic Brake
Machinery Room
Machinery Room
Main Drive Motor
Drive Motor
Road Way
Road Way
Seating Position
Seating Position
Side View Old Paint vs New Paint
Side View old/new
Live Load Trunion
Live Load Trunion 50k

New Aerial View

New Normal Opening Oakland Leaf

New Full Opening


Notes on some of the pictures:

The new walkways ramps make it easier for all.  The operator console will soon be replaced with a more modern user friendly console.  As you can see the old console has seen better days.  The large reduction gearbox helps bring the bridge up and down smoothly.  The Machinery Room as you guessed houses all the major bridge machinery.   This room is heated to keep the machinery operating correctly.  It's usually only critical in the winter months.  The Main Drive Motor is 75 hp with the reduction gear box and counterweight has sufficient power to bring the bridge up quickly.   Before the bridge becomes completely closed it goes into what we call the seating position.  There is a transition period were the drive system switches from the main drive to the seating drive.  The seating drive brings the bridge down and seats the bridge softly.  Slamming the bridge down with the main drive stresses the bridge and over time would do damage to the bridge.  You can see the old paint verse the new, unfortunately its not a good picture and it's to late to take another as the bridge is complexly painted. The main live load Trunion Bearings take much of the bridge stress while its moving.  This must be kept lubricated at all times.  The front part of the bearing is brass.  You only see half the bearing as the other half is obstructed by the bridge steel structure.  The metal box contains the delicate limit switches which tell the bridge were to stop.

New Pictures

Park Street Bridge from the air.  This photo gives the best view of the entire bridge and it's new paint job.  The next one is the Oakland Leaf of the bridge in the normal open position.  About 95 % of all bridge opening are done in the normal open position.  The final picture is the bridge in the full open position with both leafs.  The bridge does not go any higher than what you see.