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Operation Console

Span Height Indicator

Gear Box 69k

Motor Generator  56k

Main Motor 48k

Rail Switches 59k
North Tower
North Tower
South Tower
South Tower 38k
Span View
Span View 44k
Counter Weight
Counter weight 68k


Notes on some of the pictures (from left to right):

The first picture is the operator console, this is were the Bridge Tender starts the motor generators and releases the locks and brakes.  The big handle in the middle of the picture is lever that moves the span. The span indicator gives the operator a visible guide on the height of the bridge span.  The span is normally kept at about 65 to 67 feet above the water.  The main gear box, there is one in each tower of the bridge.  The Railroad Bridge is powered by Direct Current system so to supply the correct power a set of motor generators must be engaged each time you operator the bridge. The main drive motor, there a two of these motors in each tower and they are rated at 19 hp each.  The Rail Switch Box, this device controls the derail, signal, and the rail locks for the bridge.  A train would slide off the tracks if these switches were not engaged.  The next two pictures are views of the North and South Tower's they are 185 feet tall.  All of the machinery to operate the bridge are in the machinery rooms at the top.  To provide maintenance there are elevators that take you just below the rooms.  A view of the span from ground level.  If you look about a third of a way up from the bottom, the silver object is one of the elevators.  A cool shot of one of the massive counterweights and it's chain.  In this picture you can see the guide rails for the counterweight and the elevator shaft.  Each tower has stairs that go to the top.  When using the stairs you have to be careful, because it could can dangerous if your not cautious.