Infostructure Associates, LLC

Leveraging Information for Competitive Advantage

Recent research suggests that in business, long-term success is achieved by a focus not only on cutting costs, maximizing revenues or profits, or innovating, but also on creating and maintaining an “agile organization”.  As rapid change in the environment becomes the most frequently cited business pressure of today’s organizations, firms must be “built to change” in order to adapt to unexpected events and embed innovation in corporate culture.


Nowhere in the organization is this more true than in IT, and particularly in the infrastructure software that forms the joints and muscle of the enterprise architecture.  As embedded, business-process, or customer-facing software becomes a competitive advantage in an increasing range of industries, from aerospace to entertainment, the ability of infrastructure software to support rapid product creation, flexible upgrade, and timely translation of incoming data into “useful” information increasingly determines the agility and therefore the success of the business.

Infostructure Associates focuses on infrastructure software, IT agility, and “data usefulness”. It provides competitive analysis and technology assessment based not only on more than a decade of TCO/ROI studies, but also on new agility and “data usefulness” metrics that allow broad assessment of both vendors’ and users’ ability to support increased flexibility and leverage information more effectively.  With 20 years as an IT industry analyst tracking infrastructure software, President Wayne Kernochan delivers keen insight into this fundamental IT sector. 


Recently, Wayne has been conducting user surveys determining best practices in software development and information management. A few issues on Wayne’s mind:

·        How are cross-organization event-driven architectures (EDAs) going to impact enterprise information delivery?

·        How can agile software development processes best mesh with New Product Development (NPD), as embedded software increasingly becomes a competitive advantage in a wide range of products?

·        How will the economic downturn impact users’ struggle to achieve true “data usefulness” by improving not just data quality and consistency but also its scope, fit, and timeliness?

·        How can vendors leverage “green metric software” in business-process redesign?

·        How can health organizations use medical health records to improve the effectiveness of data analysis?

An excellent writer and speaker, Wayne is widely quoted in IT Business Edge, Enterprise Systems, searchcio, TechTarget, Red Herring, Computerworld, and other trade publications. His commentary can also be viewed at TechTarget and Pund-IT Review. 


Before founding his own firm, Wayne was a Senior Analyst at Aberdeen Group and Illuminata. Earlier, Wayne spent eleven years at Aberdeen Group, where he pioneered a unique in-depth approach to cost of ownership studies, specializing in TCO/ROI studies for embedded solutions, especially in the SMB space.


Wayne Kernochan