New Providence, Hardin County, Iowa

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Honey Creek Friends Cemetery is the beautifully maintained resting place of many old time Quaker members of the Honey Creek Friends meeting near New Providence, Hardin County, Iowa. Across the road from the cemetery is the wonderful old brick Honey Creek Friends Church built in 1916 on the site of previous Quaker churches dating to 1852. The cemetery and church are maintained in immaculate condition by Linn Reece and his wife Dee, who live next door. Linn is my third cousin. We are both great-great-grandsons of Asher Kersey who is buried in the cemetery. The genealogy of most of the people in this cemetery, and all of the people for whom grave markers are pictured in the links below can be found in these web pages, starting at

The Honey Creek Friends Church is a National Historic Site in the midst of much needed repairs. All of the work is funded by private contributions. The Honey Creek Church Preservation Group sells several items to help the funding. Among them are notepaper for $3 with the drawing of the church shown above by Maynard Reece. Mr. Reece is a member of the meeting, as well as a noted wildlife artist. He designed many of the "Duck Stamps" so familiar to duck hunters. Also available are commemorative tiles with the picture of the church for $9, and a decorative plate with church picture on top and a brief history on the bottom for $18. Of most interest to genealogists may be the reprint of Frank T. Clampitt's book "Some Incidents in My Life - A Saga of the 'Unknown' Citizen". Frank Clampitt was a grandson of Asher Kersey. He grew up in the New Providence area and recounts much interesting anecdotal history of the area and its families. The book is available for $8 and well worth the cost. To purchase any of these items or to make contributions to the repair fund, contact:

Vera Cutler
30293 "O" Ave.
New Providence, IA 50206

Vera is the curator of a small but excellent and growing museum of artifacts and records associated with the church.




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