Russia, Herkimer County, New York

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Russia, New York in 1845 was the birthplace of my mother's, father's, mother, Esther Belinda Walters. Russia Union Church, pictured above and in the first sequence of photos at the picture link below is a beautiful old wood frame structure in the New England style, built about 1820. It was attended by my great-grandmother and her family. Quite a good history of the church and genealogy of the members is available at the Russia, NY GenWeb site below. The church is an historic landmark. Understandably, it is in need of significant repairs. The Civic Association of Russia has undertaken the maintenance and restoration of the church. The work is all privately funded. So far, they have raised nearly enough money to restore the belfry. Much more work will be needed. To contribute to this worthwhile project contact Ann Johnston at

Many of my ancestors are buried in the Century Cemetery in Russia and the Gravesville Cemetery in nearby Gravesville, NY. Genealogical information is available at for the tombstones shown in the pictures below that have numbers after the names. Tombstones without numbers are possible relations of the Hubbart, Barker, Carpenter, Robens, etc. lines. I would very much like to hear from anyone with more information on any of these people. Please email Marv Miller at





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