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Dark Age of Camelot and the Necromancer


Since I spend way too much time trolling boards while I am at work I decided to write up this necromancer guide to answer some of the commonly asked questions as seen on the VN necro boards.  A lot of the strategies on this site are specific to servant necros since most of it can not be done with a sight necro, but I'll include helpful tips for sight necros when I can.  I don't know a thing about pain necros and would never play the spec so you guys (all two of ya) are on your own!

Special thanks to all the necros that have contributed to the site!!

Site Updates

bulletAdded more artifact strategies
bulletAdded RA suggestions
bulletAdded spec suggestions to the strategy page
bulletAdded more artifact strategies
bulletAdded more ML strategies
bulletAdded ML9 strategies
bulletUpdated front site page
bulletUpdated artifact page to give proper credit for strategies
bulletAdded more artifact strategies
bulletAdded some more ML1 strategies (Fire Island!)
bulletAdded a general strategy page