Help in restoring the Frentzel Haus is greatly appreciated.† If you canít help physically, but would like to donate funds for the restoration project, please send your checks made payable to Charles A. and Amelia Hopfer Frentzel Heritage Trust, Inc. to the address on the contact page.

Text Box: The next major project will be the addition of the two story porch to the front of the Frentzel Haus...

The old Frentzel house in Uniontown has come a long way since it was originally purchased by Jim Frentzel and Quentin Klaus in 1992, then incorporated as a Missouri non-profit corporation.† The house was in bad repair and disseningrating fast.† It had not been painted for many years, perhaps decades.† The siding and many parts of the house were rotting.†† Since that time, the house has improved steadily.††


New structural beams were added.† The exterior was painted and repaired.† On the north side, a complete wall was rebuilt. The roof and chimney was repaired.† The parlor has been restored to near original condition.†† All of the progress is due to the donations of family members, in time, talent, and cash.† A core of regulars worked on the house most every Wednesday, including Quentin Klaus, Paul Frentzel, Kirby Klaus and Stan Christisen.† Materials and some labor were purchased using donations funded by family members.


The Frentzel Haus has a cellar with a stone arched† ceiling below ground level.† The cellar was used in the 1800ís to keep items cool, before refrigeration was available.† Recently, the cellar entrance was rebuilt.


During 1998 Victor Frentzel put in landscaping in the front of the house which improved its appearance markedly.† Victor has also claimed responsibility for keeping the shrubs trimmed!


The most recent major project on the Frentzel Haus was the addition of a working restroom with a septic system to accommodate visitors and family reunions.†


The next major project will be the addition of the two story porch to the front of the Frentzel Haus. We can hardly wait until we see the front of the Frentzel Haus looking very close to way it looked back in the 1800ís.