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From Ambi:

You are rea...lly very good. Now this is called good customer service. Thanks a lot for the designs. I am now going to send your website to the President of our knitting guild so that she can send it all the other members.  We have about 40 members.

From Jan:

"I bought the BL7USB cable, and it is fantastic!!! Jos was great in getting me connected to the seller and getting the updates!!! This is the cable that you can use whether or not you have DAK...  You can load the entire disk at once into the computer and view (and print if you want) each track separately.

What a time saver!!!! Plus you have the disk loaded into your computer in case the disk goes bad, and you can make a backup of the disk without having to load a track into the PPD, save it to the disk, load the next track etc. - you just write the file to your disk (all tracks at once)... I love it!!!!

From Kim:

"OMG!  What a time saver!!   I can now view and print all the designs on my disk without other software and right from my computer.  I'm going to print a catalog of all my designs.... NO MORE SEARCHING each disk to find the design I want.