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COCH-L Bitknitter, Garment Styler, and Stitch Painter discussion
PASSAP CREATION 6 Creation 6 software discussion
DAK Design A Knit Email Discussion Group
FORSALE For Selling Machine Knitting Stuff
MK CHARITY Knitting For Charities
MACHKNIT Machine Knitting Email Discussion Group
MACHKNIT M MODERATED Machine Knitting Email Discussion Group
MACHKNIT-CHAT Machine Knitting Email Chat Group
MACHINE KNIT MARKETING Discussion on marketing knitwear
MK MIDGUAGE Mid gauge knitting machine discussion
PC NEWS AND TIPS Computer tips
PASSAP KAL Passap knit along 
Be Prepared Emergency readiness
RECIPES SWAP Recipes for busy Machine Knitters to enjoy
PRODUCTION-MK Email Discussion Group for Production knitters
PSK-KAL RM Slacks Knit Along (182 subscribers)
SIDETRACKED For those of us who have trouble finishing what we start
UFO-KAL Finish up those UFOs Email Discussion Group
WHITE-SUPERBA White/Superba Email Discussion Group
FIRM-BBW Firm Workout Discussion for Women

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Some of the list at eGroups

DAK Exchange BrotherKnittingMachines
Knittingmachines Brother-Knitting-Machines
Cochenille Users DAK7MadeEasy
Cochenille Designer School Heidi's Machine Knitting Club
Knit_Design Knitflame
Machine Knitters Chat Designaknit Tips Links Info


Picture Knits

List for Bulky Knitters

Dak Learn Along
KnitwareUsers MACH-KNIT
Mach_knitting_for_sale machineknitting

Passap Knits


Passap for Carmen Reuter Notes

MK Socks



Knitting related Discussion Groups

uk.rec.crafts   This unmoderated group is for discussion of craft related items in the UK but all are welcome.

rec.crafts.textiles.machine-knit - This newsgroup is dedicated to the discussion of machine knitting and anything that pertains to it. Professionals and newbies alike are welcome and encouraged to post questions and exchange information.

rec.crafts.textiles.yarn - This group will be for discussions about all aspects of yarn production.   This would cover selection and preparation of different fibres, their properties, and what to do next such as dye, card, spin, felt, knit, crochet, nalbinding, weave, some kinds of rug hooking and more.

rec.crafts.textiles.misc - This newsgroup is for discussing all fibre and textile related interests.  Discussions may cover techniques, supplies and equipment, drafting of patterns, artistic approaches, exhibitions or shows, books or other references.




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