Kidoodles Production Knitting

Our company designs for a few knitting mfg's. and accepts resumes for production knitting. Please forward a resume to us and it will be reviewed. Please note that we no longer personally do the hiring as we once did and when the need for more knitters arises you will be contacted.  We can give no date at which time someone might call you, so we ask for your patience. 

Our operation consist of home knitters and their equipment. We require standard and bulky machines with ribbers. Most other equipment is optional but some accessories make the production much faster. Your experience must include basic knowledge of your equipment.

Our designs we feel are quite easy, but knowledge of different techniques is a big plus. We do a line of children and adult knit ware, from sox tops to cardigans, pullovers, hats, dresses, lots of vest etc...

You must have basic knitting knowledge of neckline shaping <short rowing>, increases, decreases, multiple decreasing across a row, hems, e-wrap and crochet cast ons, various ribs such as 1x1, 2x2 etc... We use a little fair isle or texture work, and once in a while a small amount of intarsia on a garment. Most of our styles consist of basic body styles where trim/detail work is done at the studio.

We use lots of cotton and natural fibers. We also mix various yarns for our own look.

All yarn is shipped to you by UPS. The patterns and orders are supplied. We give a DUE DATE on each order and work must be complete by this date. When orders are complete you will return ship to the studio. Orders are sent by the store order and may consist of 3-50 or more pieces of any one style. You will knit and sew the pieces together. Most use a sewing machine with clear thread. This is fine. You will do no other finishing work, such as blocking.

Our line consist of many styles for each season. Our pay is piecework and 98% of all items take an hour or less.

We need dedicated people who are looking for full/part time /year round work who can manage time wisely. We are not looking for knitters who just want to work a short time for a little extra money.

Please note: VERY IMPORTANT Our company, work, patterns etc.. must remain in strict confidence. You are not allowed to use any of our patterns for your personal use nor share them with anyone. Please DO NOT refer your friends directly to the company for possible hiring. Go thru the channels as you did.

If interested please email to Kidoodles  

Supply us:

    Name  Address   Phone  Email
    Detailed list of equipment
    Past contract history if avail.
    Hours avail.




   Updated Friday June 09, 2006