Knitting and Design Software-Tools

Struggling to learn Design-A-Knit?  We highly recommend Cathie's DesignaKnit Tutorial

Aran Paint With AranPaint you can design textured stitch patterns almost instantly by just pointing and clicking.

Batch Batch file conversions

Buttons Calculates buttonhole spacing

Color Vision Adobe Photoshop® module that lets designers create new colorways on scanned fabrics, without any loss of color, texture or original shading.

Color Exchange Adobe Photoshop® plug-in which enables you to automatically generate and view colorways of patterns, prints, backgrounds, woven, or any
graphic design.

Color Separator Separator program, a must-have utility program which takes a multi-colored knit design and expands the graph for Jacquard

Dr. Cutter Its main function is to read an image, resize it, and save it.

DAP  Design A Pattern

Design A Knit  Pattern Designing Software

Garment Designer More features than Garment Styler

Garment Styler Garment Styler will allow you to easily and visually design non-structured clothing for sweater design, loom-shaped garments, stitched canvas garments and non-structured styles for quilting and other textile crafts.

Graph Paper Maker   Graph paper for charts

Haberdash HABERDASH!® from Mechanix is a complete, affordable textile design product for wovens, prints, knits and colorways. It is 100% inside Adobe
Photoshop® and is called from PhotoShop's Filter menu.

KnitPic Its main function is to read an image, reduce the number of colors to 2, and save it.

Knit Pad Easy to use Passap card designer

Knit Calculator (need to locate author/web site)

Knit Base (need to locate author/web site)

MakePCX Converts some graphics files to 256 color PCX file

Magic Formula Calculates spacing for increases/decreases

Mouse Pen Great to use with Design Tablets

Moms Sweater Maker (need to locate author/web site)

Mr. card  Edit and print console cards for Passap machines in a windows environment.

Organized Expressions Organization Craft Database

Optitex Download the latest in pattern design, grading and marking software.

PlaidMaker Plus  Adobe Photoshop® module that lets designers generate their own weaves.

Pattern Maker

Plaids & Stripes Adobe Photoshop® plug-in for instantly generating plaid and stripe patterns, which can be further manipulated in PhotoShop. Includes yarn
structures to automatically create different patterns.

PASSAP Headquarters, Switzerland

PEDS PEDS is a piece of software that allows you to use PE-Design, Palette, or Deco-Wizard, without the need of the cardwriter module.

Perl Sock Calculator Nice sock program

Pullovers That Fit This Windows program will make knitting your own custom pullovers & tunics fast & easy.

QuickRepeat  Adobe Photoshop® module that lets textile designers create printed
fabrics. Images can easily be reiterated in cascading, rotating, superimposed forms, with horizontal or vertical image inversion.

Rep Tile Draw patterns and manipulate them interactively while viewing the REPeated TILE version.

Stitch Editor dos   The purpose of the program is to load multi-colored or black and white images, color-reduce the image and automatically grid it.

Style and Chart The Style and Chart program, by knit expert Lucy Morton, offers you the exhilarating ability of custom designing and charting of sweaters.

Sock Calculator Another nice sock program

Sweater Pattern Generators The Knitting Friend pattern generators create custom sweater patterns using your exact gauge and your exact measurements!

SnapFashun & SnapWest SnapFashun and SnapWest (updates), feature sketches for the apparel manufacturer that "snap" together and apart for an infinite number of design

Symmetry Computer Aided Apparel Design Pattern making, made to measure, grading, marker making. Digitize and plot.

Sweater Machine The Sweater Machine will create a pattern for a completely seamless, knit, sweater/jumper in the size you choose, using the gauge you specify

Stitch Counter Kathys Kreations

Sew Fittingly Design Sewing / Knit Patterns

Slacks The program will calculate the pattern with your measurements and print out custom knitting directions.

Stitch Painter This fabulous new design tool is specifically geared to the needs of textile and craft designers of all sorts and we made it so user-friendly, you scarcely need a manual.

Stitch & Motif Maker Stitch & Motif Maker, a knitting paint program.

Surface Magic   If you create with hand-drawn or geometric repeats, you need this program!

Sweater Maker  Windows charts sweaters, calculates gauges, draws pictures, records measurements, and writes text patterns.

Sweater Wizard The Sweater Wizard is a charting program

Thumb Print Allows you to preview "knitting type" files (as thumbnails). Other utilities too.

Terry Mason Software Knitting Pattern Writer - Pattern Writer II  - Knitting for Children - Sideways Knitted Tops - Knitter's Database - Knitter's Source Database

Walking Shorts Windows program features plain or pleated front with directions for adding pockets to both styles

Water Fountain Software Inc. Personal Patterns 4 DELUXE - PP Combo PP4 Deluxe, Jackets Deluxe and Children's - Personal Patterns 4 Windows - Personal Patterns 4 Mac - Designer Jackets and Suits DELUXE - Personal Patterns for Children 2.0 - Personal Patterns Children DELUXE - Personal Patterns Pants - Personal Patterns 3+

Wacom Tablets Graphic Drawing Tablets

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