Rebanding refers to the reassignment of a radio systems frequencies from the 866-869 MHz portion of the radio spectrum to 851-854 MHz. For example a radio station assigned to 866.1875 MHz will be reassigned to 851.1875 MHz, exactly 15 MHz down from the original assignment.

The only time you will run into problems with a Trunked radio scanner and a rebanded system is if the Trunked system uses a frequency with a zero 0 at the end. For example 866.1875 reassignment to 851.1875 MHz will work with any Trunked radio scanner. However a frequency of 866.1850 that is reassigned to 851.1850 will not.

Rebanding only effects Motorola Trunked Radio Systems. For EDACS or LTR trunked system the reassignment has no effect because the frequencies are programmed with the Logical or Home Channel number.

For example the Salem City B Tower Motorola Type II located in Keizer has been rebanded:

New Assignment  Old Assignment
852.5500        867.5500
856.4875        856.4875
857.4875        857.4875
858.4875        858.4875

A Rebanded EDACS Trunked System

New       LCN    Old       LCN
853.7500  1      868.7500  1
855.9875  2      855.9875  2
856.7875  3      856.7875  3
859.8475  4      859.8475  4

The following scanners support Motorola Rebanding:


BC-796D  w/ Firmware upgrade
BC-296D  w/ Firmware Upgrade
BC-246T  w/ Firmware Upgrade
BCT-8    w/ Firmware Upgrade
BCT-15   w/ Firmware Upgrade
BC-898T  w/ Firmware Upgrade
BCD-396T w/ Firmware Upgrade
BCD-996T w/ Firmware Upgrade
BR-330T  w/ Firmware Upgrade
Uniden Scanners Rebanding Firmware updates can be downloaded here:

Uniden Custom Motorola Trunked Programming
Band Plan Base Freq (Lower) Base Freq (Upper) Offset Polarity Spacing 1 851.0250MHz 854.0000MHz 440 + 25 kHz 2 851.0125MHz 868.9875MHz 0 + 25 kHz


PRO-92 Original version only Not A or B model
PRO-96, 2096 Forum Post using Win96 to program in rebanded system.
PRO-106  Enter Custom Trunk Tables
PRO-197  Enter Custom Trunk Tables
PRO-163, 164 w/ Firmware Upgrade


PSR-300 w/ GRE Firmware Upgrade
PSR-400  w/ GRE Firmware Upgrade
PSR-500 Enter Custom Trunk Tables Forum Post using Win500 to program in rebanded system.
PSR-600 Enter Custom Trunk Tables Forum Post using Win500 to program in rebanded system.

GRE Firmware Upgrades
How to Program in the Salem A and B Tower System in a Uniden XT version scanner:

  1. Menu -> Program System -> New System -> MOT -> E/Yes Key
  2. Edit Site -> New Site -> Edit Band Plan -> Custom
  3. Band Plan 1 -> Set Base Freq -> 851.0250 -> 854.0000
  4. Set Offset -> 440 -> Polarity + -> Set Spacing -> 25.00 kHz
  5. Menu -> Band Plan 2 -> Set Base Freq -> 851.0125 -> 868.9875
  6. Set Offset -> 0 -> Polarity + -> Set Spacing -> 25.00 kHz
  7. Menu -> Menu -> Menu -> Set Frequencies
At this point you can program the trunked radio system normally as stated in the manual. For BC-246T, BC796 and 296 you would select a Motorola type II custom system then program in the custom tables.

Using Older Trunk Track Scanners on Rebanded Trunk Systems.

With the reassignment the new frequency of 852.5500 older trunk tracking scanners will not properly follow any transmissions on 852.5500, but the unchanged frequencies will still be followed with a trunk tracking scanner. Luckily 95% of the traffic on the Keizer B Tower occurs on the 856-858 frequencies so you can still follow the communications on the system with older trunked radio scanners.

With the older channeled or banked radio scanners you can still program in the frequency changes to monitor the system that has rebanded.

For example if you use a Uniden BC245XLT, BC780XLT or RadioShack Pro-92, 93, 95 or 97 you can program in the trunked radio system as normal minus the rebanded frequencies ending in zero 0. Then in the bank or another bank if you choose you program in the rebanded frequency to a conventional or FM channel with the delay off so after a transmission the scanner resumes scanning. To program in the B Tower in a BC245XLT I use the following:

1. As described in the manual I select a bank and program in the trunked radio system as normal for the Frequencies starting with 856 to 858.

2. I then go into the bank in conventional settings and program in 852.5500 with the delay off. Now when the radio scanner scans the trunked system then the conventional channels all traffic will be heard, but any traffic on the conventional channel(s) will not display the talk group ID number.

Program in the B Tower in the BC245XLT in bank 3.

Press and Hold TRNK key until display flashes repeatedly.
 Press the 3 key.
 Select E2-800 using the Hold or Limit keys.
 Press E.
 Enter the follow frequencies:
  Channel 61 856.4875
  Channel 62 857.4875
  Channel 63 858.4875
Press TRNK.
Enter 64 then Press Man
Enter the following frequency:
Channel 64 852.5500
Leave Delay (DLY) off
Press TRNK key.

The scanner will now follow the B Tower 856-858 frequencies with trunked ID's and you will hear any transmissions on 852.5500.

To check to see if the system is programmed properly:
Press TRNK until the display flashes.
Press 3
E2-800 must appear in the display.
Press E.
Channel 61 should appear and the word Trunk will appear below the Bank label.
Press Hold to change to Channel 62 and Trunk should also appear below the Bank label.
Repeat for channel 63.
Press Hold again and the frequency 852.5500 should appear but below the word
Bank the word Trunk will NOT appear.
BC-245XLT Channel 61 Display Screen
BANK 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10
MP 61


BC-245XLT Channel 64 Display Screen
BANK 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10
M 64


Another example for the PRO-92 would be to create a Motorola type II trunked system as described in the manual and program the frequencies with the following settings:

To clear all IDs in a bank:
Press FUNC then 3. Confirm list clear ?1=YES Press other key for NO. appears. Press 1 to clear the list. Then the ID list will re-appear. Press MANUAL to exit programming or SCAN to start scanning.
Source: PRO-92 Manual Page

Enter 100 press Manual Key
Press PGM Key.
Press Trunk Key
Press Mode key until MOT: none appears
Press PGM key
Enter the following frequencies in the channels:

 Channel 100 856.4875   Press Mode key until MO appears
 Channel 101 857.4875   Press Mode key until MO appears
 Channel 102 858.4875   Press Mode key until MO appears
 Channel 103 852.5500   Press Mode key until FM appears Press Func then 1 to turn off Delay

Now any traffic on the 852.5500 frequency will be heard, but when traffic is heard on 852.5500 Talk group ID numbers will not be displayed.

PRO-92 Channel 100 Display Screen
  • + MO

    856.4875 MHz

    Bank 1 Ch 00

    MOT: none

    PRO-92 Channel 103 Display Screen
  • + FM

    852.5500 MHz

    Bank 1 Ch 03


    Salem Reband Hack for PRO-92/3/5/7 scanners using freeware Win92, Win93, Win95 and Win 97 Starr Software
    Download Freeware/Shareware Software Win 9x for the PRO-9x Radios

    Of course this system hack does have it's draw back. For the Salem City A Tower 70% of the traffic is on the rebanded frequencies that end in zero so with the older scanners it is very hard to follow the radio traffic, but with the B tower system the low traffic on 852.5500 that usually has to do with public works will give you very good results.

    Another example is the Washington County, Oregon trunked radio system. Only one frequency that has been reassigned ends in zero. So you can program in the trunked system by setting the type to Motorola type II and program in the one rebanded frequency to a conventional channel with the delay off.

    Washington County Rebanded System
    852.7000 Only trunk track scanner problem frequency
    Other information on the Internet about Rebanding:

    Program the Salem B Tower in the PRO-106/197 GRE 500/600 Radios in 30+ easy steps:

    1. Press PGM Key > F1 New Key.
    2. Press F1 TGRP Key > Select a Scan List
    3. SELect TSYS: NEW > Type: MOT 800/900
    4. Use the Down Arrow Button to Reach T Tables: Default
    5. Press Right Arrow to Reach Custom > Press SEL
    6. Table 01: SEL Appears > Press SEL
    7. Lo Chan: 0 Appears > Press SEL
    8. Enter 440 > Press F1 Done
    9. SELect Hi Chan: 0 > Enter 559 Press > F1 Done
    10. SELect Offset: 0 > Enter 440 Press > F1 Done
    11. SELect Base: 0.000000 > Enter 851.0250 > F1 Done
    12. SELect Step: 0.000 > Enter 25.00 > F1 Done
    13. Press F1 Save
    14. Goto Table 02: SEL Appears > Press SEL
    15. Lo Chan: 0 Appears Leave setting as is (zero)
    16. SELect Hi Chan: 0 > Enter 719 Press > F1 Done
    17. Leave Offset: 0 Leave setting as is (zero)
    18. SELect Base: 0.000000 > Enter 851.0125 > F1 Done
    19. SELect Step: 0.000 > Enter 25.00 > F1 Done
    20. Press F1 Save
    21. Press F1 Save
    22. Navigate using the UP Arrow ^ to Frequencies: SEL press SEL>
    23. Ch01: 0.000000 Appears enter in 852.5500 > Press F1 Done
    24. Navigate to Ch02: 0.000000
    25. Ch02: 0.000000 Appears enter in 856.4875 > Press F1 Done
    26. Navigate to Ch03: 0.000000
    27. Ch03: 0.000000 Appears enter in 857.4875 > Press F1 Done
    28. Navigate to Ch04: 0.000000
    29. Ch02: 0.000000 Appears enter in 858.4875 > Press F1 Done
    30. Press F1 Save Twice
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