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Welcome. I'm Daniel Kirchheimer, and I provide some specialized services to collectors of vintage fountain pens. I remove, or significantly reduce, dents and dings on Parker “51” caps and other metal pen parts, and I can also respectfully restore the appearance of metal trim (such as clips, bands, and levers) on these marvelous items. I offer a selection of other restoration services as well, and I design and craft purpose-built pen repair tools.

*Light Kits* - I've put together a nice set of lights for folks who already have a light tent from Ron Zorn or another source, and I have added a complete kit with a large cube tent. Click here to see details and for ordering information.

Samples of my work:
Click on the links in the list below to view some images of my restoration efforts.

Dent and Ding Reversal:

Trim Restoration:





What Poor Trim Restoration Looks Like:

Hard Rubber Color Restoration:


More Info:

Have questions about the restoration processes I use? Take a gander at my semi-extensive FAQ.




Parker “51” cap dent and ding reversal, and refinishing:

Starts at $35

Restore brassed clip


Restore brassed boxless lever


Restore brassed boxed lever


Restore brassed narrow (<=3/16") plain cap/barrel band


Restore brassed double narrow plain cap bands


Restore brassed triple narrow plain cap bands


Restore brassed wide (>3/16", <=3/8") plain cap/barrel band


Restore brassed very wide (>3/8", <=1") cap/barrel band


Restore brassed gold-filled/plated metal cap


Restore brassed gold-filled/plated metal barrel


Restore brassed filigree overlay


Plate unbrassed trim piece to match (no surface preparation or restoration performed)

$25 for most pieces

Note: Surcharges may apply for restoring brassed detailed clips, engraved/repoussι bands, heavy brassing/corrosion, for removal of lacquer/nail polish on trim piece being restored, or for other conditions that increase the difficulty of restoration


Black hard rubber pen color restoration


Parker clip Blue Diamond restoration


Please note that hard rubber may be discolored by chemicals used during the cleaning and plating operations.

Prices are exclusive of shipping and handling, which typically runs $9 for a single piece insured up to $2,000. I will hold your payment until you have received your items and are
satisfied with the results. My bank charges me $5 to collect instruments drawn on foreign banks, so I must pass that cost along, unfortunately.


The individuals below have graciously agreed to serve as references for my work:

Richard Binder

Ron Zorn

Susan Wirth


Contact Information:

The best way to contact me is by email: repairs (at-sign)

Daniel Kirchheimer
12 Silver Birch Court
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852

(732) 821-6385 (v), 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern Time

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